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What is the Page Amendment?

Why is the Federal Reserve seeking to improve education in Minnesota through a constitutional amendment?

The Value of After-school Programs

"We are calling on lawmakers, businesses and others in Minnesota to help us make after-school programs more available to young people and families."

Learning How to Be an Ally, Part 2: Education

One of the philosophical shifts Minnesota Women’s Press supports is a movement away from thinking individual success is self-made, rather than community inspired.

Strengthening Urban and Rural Place

How is the Northside Achievement Zone finding solutions that are applicable both in urban and rural settings?

Global Minnesota Talks Education

Problem: At-risk students are impacted by the transience of poverty, lack of affordable housing, long work hours required of caregivers, and lack of broadband technology.

How does Minnesota compare to other states in education?

Graduation gaps have improved, yet gaps in racial and income gaps in standardized test scores and college readiness have widened.

Sondra Samuels & New York Times columnist Tom Friedman

A recent conversation titled "Handle With Care" featured…

Freedom School

One of my favorite aspects of this experimental learning program includes the value of Harambee — Swahili for “Let’s pull together.”

Re-engineering Minnesota Education

Lynnell Mikkelsen lives in Minneapolis and writes about education.…

Journey to Self-Discovery

Bush Fellow and Project DIVA founder Neda Kellogg (left) with…

Expand the ‘village’

Jennifer Godinez (Courtesy Photo) How will Minnesota "close…