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Real-World Solutions to Adverse Childhood Experiences

More than half of all Minnesotans have had one or more ACEs, according to the most recent Minnesota Department of Health study.

NEWS: $12.1 Million in Funds Dedicated to Disrupting Racial Inequities in Minnesota

Greater Twin Cities United Way announces grants for operating funds to equity nonprofits, youth workforce training, and trauma-informed early childhood caregiver training.

The Long-Standing Call for Stronger Mental Health Systems

“The system isn’t broken; we just haven’t built it.”

The Connection Between Childhood Trauma and Racism in Minnesota

Richardson opened with the reminder that we are beyond asking a child “what’s wrong with you” and are replacing it with “what has happened to you?”

Domestic Violence in Minnesota: Data and Solutions

“There is funding for handling a crisis, and advocacy after violence, but not much for programming to change the behavior of those who use violence. To prevent future violence it takes a sustained investment.”

A Cycle That Works Against Women

Patrice Salmeri (photo by Sarah Whiting) Substance use is…

The Science of Trauma

In 1998, a researcher was trying to find out why a predominantly…

Healing in Community

MWP Conversations: #3 At the January 2019 event, “MWP Conversation:…

The Deepest Well: Reducing Childhood Trauma in Minnesota

Carol Koepp (photo by Sarah Whiting) My life-mate, Tom, had…

Our Shared Trauma of Race

Bob-e Simpson has worked in public health for more than 30 years.…