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Legislative Update: What’s coming up that impacts women?

We checked in with former legislator and current Gender Justice advocate Erin Maye Quade about priorities that impact women and marginalized genders this year

A Conversation With Dr. Julie Amaon of Just the Pill

We want our patients to know that we are trusting them to know their bodies.

Roxane Gay on Reproductive Freedom

illustration of Roxane Gay by artist Kate Worum NARAL Pro-choice…

Timeline: 30 years of abortion rights history

pulled from the archived pages of Minnesota Women's Press 1973…

My Path as an Abortion Rights Activist

For more than 50 years, NARAL Pro-Choice Minnesota — aka the…
Dr. Carol Ball

Abortion Access in Greater Minnesota

Photo by Trista McGovern The challenge ...is all of the…

From the Archives: Dr. Jane Hodgson

Remembering the Minnesota doctor who led the fight for safe and legal abortions. “For me it’s always been a health issue,” Dr. Hodgson said. “We know how to do safe, simple abortions and how to prevent pregnancy. It’s morally wrong not to use it for the good of society.”

The Minnesota State of Abortion Rights Today

What is the status of abortion rights in Minnesota today? It might not be as unrestricted as you think.


There are more than 90 pregnancy crisis centers in Minnesota.…

How the Right to Abortion Transforms

Photo by Sarah Whiting I believe that a person’s lived…

The Caretakers of SPIRAL Collective

SPIRAL Collective teammates in front of the now-closed Cafe…

Common, accepted, and under threat: Abortion in 2017

Loudly and repeatedly contact your representatives at both the state and federal level. I can't stress that enough. Even if they're pro-choice, they still need to hear from voters. It's important they be thanked and reinforced. - Sarah Stoesz