Statewide Conversation: Ecosystems, July 21

This content is underwritten by Valvoline Instant Oil Change across Northern Minnesota, a woman-owned business supporting women and families across the region.

On July 21, 2021, we hosted the second in a summer series that brought together some of the state’s powerhouse women into a virtual room to talk about shared interests, in this case about Health Ecosystems.

Participants included several people we have written about in our pages: Angela Dawson, Elaine Evans, Ranae Hanson, Lisa Daniels, Teresa Opheim, among others.

Questions discussed:

  • What are you passionate about?
  • What obstacles are in the way of creating healthier ecosystems with smart solutions?
  • What needs greater solidarity of Minnesotans? How can we create stronger networks?

There was a lot of discussion about what divides us politically and geographically in Minnesota, how we might move toward mutual respect of The Commons (air, water, land) while also growing jobs and economy, and using the scientific method for conservation efforts even alongside farmers who don’t acknowledge climate change as a specific issue. See the clip from Ranae Hanson below for the genesis to a related conversation we intend to host in northern Minnesota in Fall 2021.

Stay tuned to our Ecolution newsletter for our conclusion to the Healthy Ecosystems discussion with more from a specific question about suggestions for the future.

Join us for our statewide August 16 conversation about “Healing Trauma.”

The summer MWP Conversation series is made possible by Valvoline Instant Oil Change across Northern Minnesota, a woman-owned business supporting women and families across the region.

Short clip