“Sistah Solo”: Celebrating people of color

When you come into the place in which we dwell, know this: The sistahs are in the house. Strong. Sophisticated. Spiritual. The sistahs who welcome you with an open mind, love in their hearts and joy in their spirits.

This house built not with bricks, but with multilayered stories upon witnessing you can become whole or be broken. These stories, well, they are not the average story with a beginning, middle and end. Rather, an energetic journey with undefined limits of time and space. This is not a one-time experience, but a daily occurrence where our lives resonate.

It is this journey that paved the way for me to create “Sistah Solo.” I wanted to see women of color on stage in a place where we controlled the image. The image of how we look, act and talk. The image of the way we interact and support each other. To show the similarities and differences in women of color means to explore the brilliance and radiance within us all. I needed us to be celebrated.

“Sistah Solo” allows us to collectively celebrate women of color and their solo work through film, dance, music, spoken word and more. The multilayered dynamics unfold to create a bond that is powerful and inspiring!

Since the creation of Sistah Solo I have been asked many times to create something similar for men of color. I was always humbled by this request, but with a smile, I always answered “no.” I could not wrap my mind around creating something for individuals in which I did not hold specific community. But, I realized, brothas are my community, too. Not within the context of actually being a brotha, but within the integral context of being of color. We are connected, oftentimes sharing the same space and laying foundation together.

Should the brothas be celebrated? Absolutely. “Being Brothas” allows us to celebrate the unique voices of men of color, uplifted through movement, music and more. Transferred experiences shared individually and collectively promote a connection of understanding like none other.

“Sistah Solo” and “Being Brothas” performances provide an authentic exchange of art highlighting the humanity in us all. This exchange is multifaceted – going from artist to artist, artist to audience member and audience member to audience member.

So when you come into the place in which we dwell, know this: The space holds infinite possibilities. You are welcomed.
Maia Maiden is the creator and curator of Sistah Solo and Being Brothas. She lives in Richfield.

What: Sistah Solo | Being Brothas
When: 7:30 p.m., May 14-16, 2015
Where: Intermedia Arts, 2822 Lyndale Ave. S., Mpls.
Cost: $15 advance/student/senior or $18 door
FFI: 612-871-4444 or tinyurl.com/SistahSolo