SERIES: Reducing Gender-based Violence

Commentary: It’s Past Time to Talk and Write Much Better About Gender-Based Violence

"Achieving a violence free Minnesota demands that we explicitly name domestic violence when and where it occurs, and that it remains a matter of community action before, during, and after tragedies like these—not just when first responders are killed in their attempts to assist."

Global Rights for Women Announces a Report on Minneapolis Police Response to Domestic Violence

"In reality, we focus more on robbers, drug dealers, and gangsters, when in fact ... these are the same people committing domestic violence. Maybe our focus should be on abusers, and it would have a trickle-down effect to other violent crimes."

Deep Dive: Why Doesn’t Minnesota Have a Survivors Justice Act?

"My purpose was to unpack the secret, because there were other women surrounding me while I was incarcerated who were dealing with the same issue."


What We Can Do Together About Gender-Based Violence: March 25 Event Highlights

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Setting Up Gender-Based Violence Issues and Solutions

Economic abuse, rape, criminalization of victims, gun-related homicides, and why the village needs to be part of the solutions

The Reality of Sex Trafficking

There is misunderstanding about how people can be trapped into the trafficking system. Often it stems from a need to survive. Lack of housing is a huge risk factor.

Talking to Boys About Masculinity: A Conversation With Felix Martinez-Paz

We are tired because we’re carrying this backpack every day, heavy with expectations and stereotypes.

How to Defy Rape Culture

Men need to continue to examine ourselves and our behavior, and have the strength to admit we are complicit in our patriarchal sense of entitlement.

Gender-Based Violence: Data and Resources

Our March 2023 magazine includes articles based on interviews with 24 people engaged in addressing gender-based violence. Here are additional details and data detailing issues.

Deep Dive: Roots of Violence

What does the survivor need to feel safe again? What do accountability, justice, and healing mean to them?

Why the Legal System Is Not the Answer for Many Survivors: A Conversation With Nikki Engel

How can we prevent this kind of abuse from happening in the first place, instead of relying on a reactive response?
Kelly McCarthy

My View as a Police Chief: A Conversation with Kelly McCarthy

If we’re going to exert any force or pressure, it needs to be on the offender and not on that victim.

Red Flags: A Short Personal History of Domestic Abuse

What I wish I had recognized as red flags ... and how easy it is to be vulnerable to an abusive partner

When Violence Was Considered a Private Matter

Understanding the history of Minnesota's movement to transform responses to domestic violence — and how it needs adjustment today.

Summary: “The Bonobo Sisterhood”

How to revolutionize the way we handle gender-based violence

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