COMMENTARY: Additional Work to Be Done in Bodily Autonomy

I’m thankful that I have hospice as an option at the end of my life, and I will use it for the maximum comfort I can attain. But in the end, I want the option to die gently in my sleep, surrounded by my loved ones.

The Peace of Death on Your Own Terms: Celebrating My Brother’s Story

He and his spouse Shelley invited all of us and our spouses to celebrate Doug’s life with them. In that last week, we played and listened to music, told stories, and looked at old photographs.
Shea Holt photo taken by Sarah Whiting at the 2023 Minnesota Women's Press event

How Youth Violence Happens:  A Conversation With Shea Holt 

A bruise I can feel today, tomorrow, maybe the next day. But the things that are harder to heal from are unseen. 


Mapping the World

The wonderfully recognizable outline of the United States appeared different when sandwiched between Canada and Mexico, no longer center of everything, but off to the side, disconnected to everything else.

Nekima Levy-Pounds: Demonstrating courage

"Well-behaved women seldom make history." I have always…

Voices on everyday spirituality

Each month we ask our readers to respond to a question. For…

Strong Women

We asked women to talk about a strong woman who inspired them

It’s OK to notice, and it’s OK to ask

Everyone is born differently. This is just another kind of different. Like hair or skin.

Feminists in the Kitchen

How fascinating that the third wave of feminists, the women of Generation X and the Riot Grrrl movements of the 1990s, never met a womanly art they didn't like.