Minnesota Women’s Press 2024 Youth Resource Guide: Jobs and Activities

Our annual summer guide with at least 80 camps, internships, work opportunities, and scholarships

A Conversation About Black Women’s Mental Health and Academia

In my mind, it was simply "let me get through it."

Deep Dive: How Legislators and Law Enforcement Are Divided on Using Force on Students

The contentious debate in the legislature continues about whether chokeholds can be used on students. This represents recent discussion by a variety of voices, from law enforcement to students to pediatric health specialists.


Ojibwe & Dakota: Protecting Minnesota’s vanishing first languages

Michelle Goose, left, and Jean O'Brien in front of Scott Hall,…

Let teachers teach

Denise Specht (Courtesy Photo) No one goes into teaching…

How to pick a women-friendly college

We polled several Minnesota college women's…

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of 24-hour International Women’s Day programming at KFAI

"I can't tell you how different it is to listen to 24 hours of women's voices and then switch over to the mainstream media the next day."

2013 Changemakers: The Girls Restorative Program

"We made statues with words that express how we should be." — Rashonda, 16

Is there a ‘baby penalty’ in academia?

Women in academia pay a "baby penalty," say researchers…

Breaking through taboos

At Planned Parenthood in Rochester, Khadija Ali helps educate young Somalis about sex and healthy relationships.

Lenor Scheffler: Trailblazing attorney with heart

Lenor Scheffler (Courtesy Photo) Lenor Scheffler learned…

Feminism in action

"I love helping students explore leadership."

The economics of education

Rebecca John (Courtesy Photo) A bubble. An eruption. An…

2012 Changemaker: Susan Strauss

"It's important that the behavior be correctly named because sexual harassment, or any kind of harassment, is a violation of a student's civil rights."

Expand the ‘village’

Jennifer Godinez (Courtesy Photo) How will Minnesota "close…