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In the News: November 2020

Women and Work, Survivor’s Memorial, Supporting Local News

  •  10/24/2020

Extremism vs. Democracy

“What people look like … is the visible cue to their caste. It is the historic flash card to the public of how they are to be treated, where they are expected to live, what kinds of positions they are expected to hold…”

  •  09/22/2020



Leslie Barlow, Cover Artist June 2016

We reconnected with a few past cover artists and asked them to share an update on their lives and art.

  •  11/25/2020

Slow Movement Toward Inclusive Curriculum

“To start having a curriculum that reflects all the people of the United States,” said Garrett, “we must start looking at things differently.”

  •  11/25/2020
  •  10/24/2020



Caring for Veterans in Crisis

Shame and reluctance to discuss experiences with colleagues or support staff in a male-dominated career field often delay veterans’ seeking out help.

  •  10/24/2020

Domestic Violence in Minnesota: Data and Solutions

“There is funding for handling a crisis, and advocacy after violence, but not much for programming to change the behavior of those who use violence. To prevent future violence it takes a sustained investment.”

  •  10/07/2020