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Tear Down the Walls

The Community as Our School As a former member of the Minneapolis School Board and former executive director of AchieveMpls,

  •  09/25/2019
  •  09/25/2019

Co-Creating the Future

“My vision of any future that we might have is that it will be led by women.”—Alice Walker

  •  09/24/2019
  •  09/24/2019



GoSeeDo: December 2019

12/14 — Women’s Art Festival Founded in the early 1990s, the Women’s Art Festival offers a welcoming, non-juried atmosphere for

  •  11/26/2019

Be Good to Fundraisers Month

Fundraisers have the kind of job that no one wants to know about. I quickly learned it is the kind

  •  10/27/2019



The Storytellers of Turtle Island

As a child, I read everything from Superman comics to “Little Women,” absorbing without question whatever these writers had to

  •  10/27/2019

Columbus and Sex Trafficking

In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue” is the beginning of a poem children have been taught for generations about

  •  10/27/2019