On the Cover: Depicting a Complex World

Rooted Earth, Deborah Foutch, mixed media, 36” x 24”, 2022.

I am an artist bowled over by the natural world — by the lush, complicated systems we walk through daily. I work in mixed media becausethe richness of combined materials comes closest to expressing my experience.

As an artist who cares about the natural world, I can see the changes we humans are causing. I feel called to express the need to treat the earth better.

I have decided to start where I began. I am the daughter of a soil conservationist. Much of my recent work is tied to a visual examination of the beautiful and complicated systems that make up living soil, and what holds it in place.

Water movement, geology, and the passage of time are elements I try to weave into layered pieces. I am currently creating with painted fabrics, eco-printed and painted papers, and found and altered objects that I bind together with painting and quilting techniques. The art pieces dance with texture, light, and line while holding true to their natural inspiration.

My father’s work was to share solutions; mine is to share beauty and seek connection.