October 2020 Table of Contents

Quote of the Month
Regular voters tend to think of government not as an alien or oppressive force but as an extension of themselves and their communities. Frequent voters are more likely to see taxes not as illegitimate theft but as the rightful cost of government’s work, and to understand how that work benefits them and their neighbors. 
— Joan Anderson Growe

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Editor Letter                              
Changing the Demographic

Opening Doors

Politics & Policy                                   
Priorities for Government

Global Rights, Robin Wall Kimmerer

A Portal to Belonging

Extremism vs. Democracy

In the News                                  
Racism and Public Health, Mapping Prejudice

Opening the Door to Wilderness

Voting Guide                              
Aaisha Abdullahi: Mobilizing New Voters

Money and Business Guide          
Who Pays for Rebuilding?

Education Guide                    
Pakou Hang: Women Save Our Democracy

Health Guide                        
Reimagining Rural Healthcare

Ecolution Spotlight of Month
Food Security & Appetite for Change


2020-21 Women-Focused Directory                

Calendar of Events (submitted by readers)

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