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Changemaker: Outspoken PFAS critic Amara Strande, who died from cancer in 2023

Originally published May 3, 2023 The photos displayed…


A force for change

Natalie Johnson Lee is a forceful advocate for women of color

Activists in training

Today's women activists are changing the universe - and becoming leaders, too

The constant gardener

Mimi Hottinger has come to terms with the abuse that shattered her childhood

A caring economics

Riane Eisler on why a "caring economics" is necessary for our survival

Minnesota’s legislating women

Can 70 women restore health care funding?

Indomitable Spirit

H.Lou Tofte's triumphed over unspeakable tragedies. It will take more than retirement to slow her down.

New year, new money

Do women handle money differently?

Valuing the work of childcare

Do we really value those who care for kids?

Primary choices

The Minnesota Women's Press looks at the primary races of two strong women candidates, plus an intriguing general election candidate.

Moonlighting unmasked

Working 9 to 9. Two jobs is a way of life for some Twin Cities women.

Women all day, all night

Behind the scenes at KFAI’s International Women’s Day broadcast

Women in Economics

If more women were economists, economic policies would better reflect women’s lives. Maybe.