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Notes from our weekly Changemakers Alliance newsletter

Changemaker: Outspoken PFAS critic Amara Strande, who died from cancer in 2023

Originally published May 3, 2023 The photos displayed…

UPDATED: 154 Badass Members & Donors!

In 2022 we launched an experiment, creating the Changemakers…


Why it’s important to buy local

At chain stores, $14 of every $100 spent stays in the community. While at local, independent businesses, $48 of every $100 spent stays here.

CEED: Seeding Environmental Justice

Ecosystem content is made possible by Organic Lawns by…

Divestment speaks

Keeping your money out of fossil fuel companies' stock sends…

30 Years! The Founding Story

Nearly 1,000 profile stories of women have been shared in the Minnesota Women's Press. The first was of comedienne Merrilyn Belgum, in Volume 1, Issue 1, April 16, 1985. Belgum died in May 2014 at age 89.

Wise Ink: Publish on purpose

Wise words from a women-owned and -operated press

Who protects the protectors?

Minnesota's Women Veterans Initiative works to support, uplift and defend the women who serve

No means No

Sexual assault remains a big problem on campus, but new prevention efforts are shining a light on the real risks college women face.

Lt. Kim Lund: ‘Get into your neighbors’ business’

"Be the one to make the call [and report suspected abuse]. Don't assume that someone else will do it."

Sia Her: Cultural bridge builder

"The greatest challenge I as an American of Hmong descent have experienced in my life is that constant effort to be true to myself."

2014 Changemaker: Ann Manning

Organizing a national Women's Congress for Future Generations advocating for environmental change and economic justice

2014 Changemaker: Betty Folliard

The organizer of the "We Are Woman" Minnesota Delegation led a trip to the Washington, D.C., rally and renewed efforts to pass the ERA

2014 Changemaker: Ethelind Kaba

"This is a more proactive way of looking at the experience of being a girl. The goal is to get some of these girls in to talk about issues before there's a problem."