New Education & Community Partnerships

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Recipients of United Way’s Student and Family Empowerment grants were identified by the input of community members, education leaders, students, and parents.

Phillips/Ventura Village Minneapolis Grantees

The community expressed a need for culturally relevant mental health resources and community healing, basic needs support, and academic support for students with trusted adults.

  • Hope Community: Funds will support Hope Community’s Youth Learning and Leadership Program (YLL) that provides social-emotional support, mental health support, and navigation support for highly mobile students. 
  • Centro Tyrone Guzman: Funds will support the “Circulos de Seguridad” or “Security Circles,” which are culturally specific mental health and support groups for youth and inter-generational Latinx communities.
  • Comunidades Latinas Unidas En Servicio (CLUES): Funds will support mental health small groups for middle school students and for school staff. Student-centered efforts will provide art-based approaches to mental health services and art supplies (“therapeutic kit”). Additional efforts are focused on the mental health of educational practitioners.
  • Boys & Girls Club Little Earth: Funds will support ongoing engagement of Native youth in the Little Earth neighborhood, including efforts around community connection and physical activity, academic support and culturally specific programming. 
  • North Star Network: Funds will support in person, small group academic pods that complement the school curriculum and provide enrichment to students. This effort provides a physical space for students to log in to their virtual classrooms with adult supervision and support.

Schools partnering with these organizations to serve students include: Aurora Charter School, Andersen United Community School, South High School, Nawayee Center School, Friendship Academy and the Loring Nicollet Alternative High School.

St. Paul North End Grantees

The community expressed a need for support in the areas of food, housing, and internet connectivity as well as physical, safe spaces for students and culturally relevant mental health resources.

  • Neighborhood House: Funds will support a culturally specific, school-based coach to provide resources for food, emergency housing needs and individual goal setting as well as a Karen family support group. 
  • Boys & Girls Club Mt. Airy: Funds will support full-day academic small groups and online academic support for additional students. Program staff helps students and families access and engage with their school assignments and offers enrichment.
  • Wilder Mental Health & Wellness: Funds will support the immediate needs of students and families participating in mental health services across multiple school sites. In addition, staff will develop a geography-specific task force of mental health providers serving schools to identify needs in the community.

Schools partnering with these organizations to serve students include: St. Paul Music Academy, Paul & Sheila Wellstone Elementary, Washington Technology Magnet, Mississippi Creative Arts, John A Johnson Elementary, Crossroads Montessori, Minnesota Math & Science Academy, and the Community School of Excellence.