Iranian-Americans Rally at the Minnesota State Capitol 

On January 25, Iranian-Americans gathered at the Minnesota State Capitol for a rally  protesting the executions of political prisoners in Iran as part of the Woman, Life, Freedom global movement.

About 50 people rallied in the rotunda urging the United States government to take action in support of Iranian women and political prisoners in Iran. Iranian-American people represented political prisoners killed and missing in Iran, standing still, blindfolded, with a rope around their neck.

A memorial to people killed in Iran was set up in the rotunda. The global movement was triggered by the arrest and murder of Mahsa Amini in police custody “for failing to properly cover her hair.”

Amini’s murder triggered nationwide protests across Iran. The Human Rights Foundation believes that at least 3,700 people have been arrested since Amini’s death for protesting the Iranian government and its morality police.