Images from the Chisholm Juneteenth Celebration


I was in Chisholm for a Juneteenth celebration. The work on the Iron Range to celebrate multicultural residents is largely the drive of Seraphia Gravelle, who we spotlighted as a Changemaker in 2022 for the creation of Voices of Multi-Ethnic Awareness (aka VEMA).

Exhibitors included two members of the Saint Louis County public defenders office, and a Hibbing-based clinic therapist, who are engaged in the work of healing rather than incarcerating trauma; we will connect further about our statewide conversations about how to collectively reduce gender-based violence.

While I was getting a chair massage from a local husband-and-wife small business, I overheard two mothers talk about the need for stronger sex education in area schools — also a topic for future statewide stories about conversations.



A special soul food meal was cooked and sold by a local bar that had hosted a 50th anniversary motorcycle gang party the night before.

The celebration included a water tank that residents successfully used to dunk Gravelle, her partner, the mayor, and a police officer — the activity raised funds for VEMA.

T-shirt: “Melanin is not a weapon.” A Chisholm bridge includes state and U.N. flags.

Another Stop in Central Minnesota



Literally Our Own Hometown, Outside the Minnesota Women’s Press Office

And back at home, on West Broadway in North Minneapolis, we were able to watch the local parade as we finished our “Melanated Main Streets” magazine issue for July.

Outside our front door on Juneteenth

A food truck for Juneteenth next to our office (we’re in the building in background). It was a hot but festive day.