Vignettes From a Badass Life

Or, the Foundations of Trying to Live Without Fear

The Awesome Power of Awe

The more overwhelmed we are, the more we need awe.

My Second Life on the Water

Guiding fundamentally changed how I view, interact with, and share our rivers and natural spaces with others.


Coming of age on the road

Cindy Suplick (courtesy photo) At 23, I chucked a conventional…

Girls on the Run

The name sounds like a sports program and it is - and so…

Where are the women coaches? Media coverage?

"Girls are watching. When they are playing sports and they see…

2016 Changemakers: Minnesota Lynx

Role models on the basketball court and beyond

Midway Murals Project: Beautifying walls, building community strength

Lori Greene (Courtesy Photo) Freweini Sium has left a permanent…

50 by 50

Julie Musselman (Courtesy Photo) Pat, pat, pat.  They…

Crank Sisters: Bikes empowering girls

A girl's father approached me after one of our skills clinics to thank me. He said that his daughter was becoming a different person since joining her school's mountain bike team.

Water links us all

Ann Bancroft's latest challenge: Raising awareness of the world's water crisis

Wilderness exploration as teacher

Ann Linnea (Courtesy Photo) The flag above me is flying straight…

Leveling the playing field in girls’ books

Shelly Boyum-Breen (Courtesy Photo) I vividly remember the…

Wilderness protector: Adventurer Amy Freeman

"People really need to pay attention to the importance of this [water] resource and work to preserve the clean water that we still have in the United States."

The price to pay

Three-time Olympian and University of Minnesota graduate Noora…