How Does It Feel to Be In Your Body? – Editor’s Letter and TOC

Associate Editor Lydia Moran

Working on this issue led me to think a lot about relationships — the relationships we form with our bodies that evolve as we age, and how those changing relationships alter our connection to the world around us.

Sometimes there is an unwelcome third entity in our relationships with our bodies. It could be the government — I am thinking about the women and girls currently risking their lives to protest in Iran and those of us in the U.S. who face increasingly restricted reproductive and gender-affirming care. It could be societal pressure to fit into dominant standards.

Living through the pandemic in my twenties has changed how I relate to my body. I have learned what it feels like to be disassociated from my physical form amid anxiety and isolation.

Contributor Drew Maude-Griffin writes that living in an immunocompromised body during the pandemic has left enormous holes in their sense of community. Poet Gabriela Spears-Rico’s experience with Bell’s palsy leads her to grapple with her ties to Mesoamerican ancestors. Natalie Nation looks to her inner child for inspiration and a sense of “body joy” after struggling with disordered eating.

Susan Raffo writes, “These bodies … are what we have and who we are. Keeping them a disconnected mystery is what trauma, oppression, and the conditioning that numbs and freezes us depend on.”

Of course, this magazine cannot hold the infinite feelings we have in and about our bodies. As you read, you might take a moment to observe where you are in yours.

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Table of Contents: November 2022

Tapestry — Have you seen a societal shift in how we relate to our bodies?

Art of Living — Illusory Community of Sick Love

BookShelf — Why Learning Anatomy Matters

Sport/Adventure — Gliding From Past to Present: A Q&A With Deneane Richburg of Brownbody

Money/Biz — The Receipts Are Due

Health — Diet Culture to Body Joy

Family/Home — Dogs and Cats Are More Alike Than You Might Think

Thoughts — Bell’s Palsy in Brown Face

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