Highest Known Number of Minnesotans Killed From Domestic Violence in 2023

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Violence Free Minnesota, a statewide coalition of programs working to end relationship abuse, hosted its annual Intimate Partner Homicide Memorial ceremony at the St. Paul College Club to honor Minnesota’s 39 confirmed victims of intimate partner homicide in 2023. Each of the victims’ names were read by the staff of Violence Free Minnesota, which compiled the following stories.

“Every year we hold this memorial to remember those killed due to intimate partner homicide,” said Violence Free Minnesota Executive Director Guadalupe Lopez. “We know every death was preventable. Community advocates working at our member programs are a lifesaving resource for survivors. However, these programs are in dire need of funding. Their work is invaluable to the communities they serve and they deserve adequate funding to continue to save lives.”

While Violence Free Minnesota will not release their annual Homicide Report: Relationship Abuse in Minnesota until October, the organization was able to confirm 39 known victims in 2023. This is the highest confirmed number since the coalition started tracking intimate partner homicides in 1989. Of the 39 victims, twenty-nine were killed by a current or former intimate partner, and ten were bystanders or intervenors murdered in domestic violence related situations. At least 39 minor children are now left without a parent due to intimate partner violence in 2023.

The memorial at St. Paul College Club held to honor the victims included remarks from Violence Free Minnesota Executive Director Guadalupe Lopez; Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan; Minnesota Department of Public Safety Legislative Affairs Coordinator, Biiftuu Ibrahim Adam; Transforming Generations Advocacy Program Director, MayTong Chang; OutFront Minnesota Executive Director, Kat Rohn; and Mending the Sacred Hoop Operations Coordinator, Natasha Kingbird.


Logan Barham Pic.jpg

Logan Gregory Barham

Age 22

St. Louis Park

January 3, 2023

Logan Gregory Barham, 22, was stabbed and killed on January 3, in his St. Louis Park apartment. His wife, Alexis Poole, 23, is charged with second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. Logan and Poole were arguing in their apartment when he tried to pick her up and move her so he could leave the apartment. Poole then stabbed Logan in the chest, and admitted that he had not threatened her in any way prior to the stabbing. In 2020, police were called to the apartment because Poole was holding a knife and threatening to hurt herself and others. The couple were in the process of being evicted and were set to be removed from their home on January 4, the day after the stabbing.

Kyla O'Neal Pic.png

Kyla Bianca O’Neal

Age 31


January 8, 2023

Kyla Bianca O’Neal, 31, was shot and killed in her car outside an Amazon Fulfillment Center in Lakeville, where she worked, on January 8. Her ex-fiancé, Donte McCray, 32, who was in the vehicle with her and also worked at the Amazon facility is charged with second-degree murder in her death.

Kyla was nine months pregnant with Donte’s child at the time of her death, and her son, Messiah O’Neal, died in the hospital on January 17. Kyla’s mother stated that Kyla had ended her relationship with Donte hours before she was killed. Donte had previously threatened to kill Kyla if she had another man around his children. He threatened her and her family, telling her, “You all ain’t bulletproof.” Due to a previous felony conviction, McCray was prohibited to possess a firearm. 

Kyla O’Neal leaves behind three children under the age of 10.


Messiah O’Neal

Age 9 days


January 17, 2023

Messiah O’Neal died on January 17, after he was taken off a ventilator at Hennepin County Medical Center. On January 8, Messiah’s mother, Kyla O’Neal, 31, was shot and killed in a car outside her work. Kyla’s ex-fiancé, and Messiah’s father, Donte McCray, 32, is charged with second-degree murder in her death.

Kyla was nine months pregnant with Messiah at the time she was killed and doctors were able to deliver him on January 8. Messiah remained in critical condition with no brain activity and the inability to breathe on his own until January 17. Authorities are currently deciding on further murder charges for Donte McCray in the death of his son, Messiah O’Neal.

Manuel Jurado Pic.jpg

Manuel Bernal Jurado

Age 17


February 2, 2023

Manuel Bernal Jurado, 17, was shot and killed in Chanhassen in the early morning hours of February 2. Manuel’s girlfriend, Vanessa Sanchez Lopez, 18, is charged with two counts of second-degree murder in his death. On the night of February 1, Manuel was with Sanchez Lopez and two other friends on their way to another friend’s house. Manuel and Sanchez Lopez had been arguing in her car on the way, and Sanchez Lopez was in possession of Manuel’s firearm. One of the two friends in the vehicle said Manuel warned Sanchez Lopez that the gun was loaded before she pointed it at him and shot and killed him. Sanchez Lopez told police she was unaware the firearm was loaded.

Jennifer Yang Pic.png

Jennifer Yang

Age 36


March 9, 2023

Jennifer Yang, 36, was shot and killed by her partner, Fue Her, 40, in their Andover home on March 9. Her then killed himself afterward. Jennifer Yang leaves behind three young children under the age of 14.

Adrian Montano Medina Pic.jpg

Adrian Montano Medina

Age 20

Howard Lake

March 20, 2023

Adrian Montano Medina, 20, was shot and killed in the parking lot outside of his workplace in Howard Lake on March 20. Kevin Zelaya Asencio, 21, believed Adrian was in a relationship with Zelaya Asencio’s wife. All three of them worked together. On the morning of March 20, Zelaya Asencio’s wife told him she wanted to end their marriage before their workday began. Zelaya Asencio then drove home and returned to the workplace parking lot with an AR-15 and ammunition. At around noon, Zelaya Asencio’s wife and Adrian got in a vehicle together for lunch in the parking lot. Zelaya Asencio got in the backseat of the vehicle, behind Adrian and told him to “either leave the vehicle or drive away.” When Adrian did not do this, Zelaya Asencio shot him three times in the head. Kevin Zelaya Asencio is charged with second-degree murder.

Corrina Woodhull Pic.webp

Corrina Dawn Woodhull

Age 41

St. Paul

March 21, 2023

Corrina Dawn Woodhull, 41, was stabbed and killed St. Paul on March 21. Witnesses state Corrina was sitting on a couch with her ex-husband, Robert Castillo, 40, when he whispered something in her ear. After she shook her head, “no,” Castillo pulled out a knife and stabbed her 10-20 times. Woodhull’s family members, who were present, did not hear what Castillo whispered to Corrina, but they stopped the stabbing and subdued and held down Castillo until police arrived. While waiting for police, Corrina told one of the witnesses, “don’t let me die.” Paramedics provided aid to Corrina at her home, but she later died at Regions Hospital. Corrina and Castillo were still married, but no longer together, according to a family member. Castillo was on intensive supervised release for a 2014 conviction in which he assaulted his ex-girlfriend with a hammer. He also had two active warrants from the Department of Corrections. One for violating the conditions of his supervised release and one for failing to appear in court for a charge that he assaulted a corrections employee in 2020. Robert Castillo is charged with second-degree murder.

Madeline Kingsbury Pic.jpg

Madeline Jane Kingsbury

Age 26


March 31, 2023

Madeline Jane Kingsbury, 26, was killed on or about March 31 in Winona. Her ex-boyfriend and the father of her two children, Adam Fravel, 29, is charged with two counts of second-degree murder. Madeline had been missing for nearly 70 days when her body was found on June 7, in Fillmore County. A friend of Madeline’s reported her missing the night of March 31, because Madeline had not attempted to contact her throughout the day, which was unusual. Madeline was last seen with Fravel dropping their children off at daycare. She was supposed to pick them up that afternoon, but Fravel ended up doing so alone.

The couple had recently separated and were moving out of the home they lived in together. Madeline had been financially supporting Fravel during their relationship. Two weeks prior to Madeline’s disappearance, she told Fravel she had begun a new relationship with someone else. Fravel had a long history of abusing Madeline. Friends recall seeing Madeline with bruises on her face on numerous occasions. During a video call with a friend in 2020 or 2021, Madeline was holding one of her children and cooking dinner when Fravel was seen striking her in the face. Also in 2021, a family member told police that they had noticed red marks around Madeline’s neck, and later learned that Fravel had strangled her. Through phone records and text exchanges between Madeline and Fravel, it was discovered that he had strangled Madeline while their two children were present.

Additionally, law enforcement received a tip that Fravel told Madeline that if she did not listen to him, “she would end up like Gabby Petito.” During questioning, Fravel admitted to officers that he was “infatuated,” with the case in which Gabby Petito was killed by her fiancé. A police investigation tracked Fravel’s movements throughout the day of March 31, when Madeline went missing, and ultimately arrested and charged him after her remains were located. A knotted towel was wrapped around her head and neck when she was found, and a preliminary autopsy determined her death was a homicide due to homicidal violence.

Madeline Jane Kingsbury leaves behind two young children.

Donshay Hardy Pic 2.webp

Don-Shay Hardy

Age 38

St. Paul

April 8, 2023

Donshay Hardy, 38, was shot and killed in her apartment in St. Paul on April 8. A warrant was out for the arrest of Donshay’s husband, Eddie Webb, 43, for her murder. Police responded to a call after three young children ran screaming from the apartment to a neighbor to call 911. Two of the children were Donshay and Webb’s, while the other was a relative. According to the children, Webb and Donshay argued on April 7, before Donshay told Webb she was going to call police unless he left. On the morning of April 8, Webb returned to Donshay’s apartment where she was in the bathroom doing one of their children’s hair. Webb told the child to leave, but the child saw a firearm in his pocket and told him, “No, I am not getting out because you are going to try and fight her.” Webb then removed the child from the bathroom and locked the door with himself and Donshay inside. Donshay yelled, “Stop — don’t do that,” before the three children heard gunshots. When police arrived, Donshay was pronounced dead at the scene. On August 16, Eddie Webb was found dead from suicide. Due to previous felony convictions, Eddie Webb was prohibited to possess a firearm. 

Donshay Hardy is survived by her two minor children. 

Josh Owen Pic.jpg

Joshua Anthony Owen

Age 44


April 15, 2023

Joshua Owen, 44, was shot and killed on April 15 in Cyrus. Josh, a Pope County Sheriff Deputy, responded to a domestic violence call at a Cyrus apartment with one other deputy and a Starbuck police officer. The officers were inside the apartment and informed the domestic violence suspect, Bryan Nygard, 34, that he was going to be arrested. Nygard then drew a firearm and began immediately shooting. The officers returned gunfire and killed Nygard.

All three law enforcement officers were shot, and Josh died of his injuries at a nearby hospital. The other two officers received non-life threatening wounds. Joshua Owen is survived by his wife and minor son.

Manijeh Starren Pic 2.jpg

Manijeh “Mani” Starren

Age 33

St. Paul

April 21, 2023

Manijeh “Mani” Starren, 33, was killed on or around April 21 in St. Paul. Her boyfriend, Joseph Jorgenson, 40, was charged with second-degree murder on June 30. Family members reported Manijeh missing on May 1, and had last seen her on April 18. Manijeh’s father told police that she was afraid of her boyfriend, who was later identified as Jorgenson. On the night of April 21, surveillance footage shows Manijeh running from her apartment before Jorgenson is seen catching up with her, turning her around, and shoving her back inside. She was not seen leaving the apartment again.

A week later, Jorgenson was viewed entering and leaving the apartment 28 times, carrying duffel bags and suitcases. In May, Jorgenson’s Maplewood apartment building received several complaints about a smell coming from the unit. That same month, police searched Manijeh’s apartment and found broken items, a large hole removed from the bedroom mattress, and what appeared to be blood stains on the bed, and in the living room and kitchen. The blood was later identified as Manijeh’s.

On June 26, police obtained a warrant to arrest Jorgenson. When officers arrived, Jorgenson barricaded himself in his room and started a fire there. Jorgenson fought with officers as they tried to arrest him and he attempted to disarm and take one of the officer’s firearms. He was arrested unharmed. During his arrest, there was a woman in Jorgenson’s apartment with bruises on her face and red marks on her neck. She told law enforcement that Jorgenson had strangled and threatened to kill her. Manijeh’s neighbors recalled seeing her with a black eye and red marks on her neck on at least one occasion.

On June 28, a search of a storage unit rented out on May 5 to Jorgenson’s roommate revealed Manijeh’s remains in two coolers and a bag. It is believed that Jorgenson killed Manijeh in her apartment, dismembered her, moved her body to his apartment, and then to the storage unit. Jorgenson is also suspected in the 2021 disappearance of Fanta Xayavong, 33. One of Fanta’s friends told police they believed Fanta was a victim of sex trafficking by Jorgenson.

Manijeh “Mani” Starren is survived by her three young children.

Antonio Levar Moore Pic.png

Antonio Levar Moore

Age 37

Brooklyn Center

May 2, 2023

Antonio Levar Moore, 37, was stabbed and killed in his sister’s Brooklyn Center apartment on May 2. Demetrius Harris, 28, is charged with second-degree murder of Antonio. Antonio’s sister had previously been in a relationship with Harris, and the two had an infant child together. While at the apartment, Harris became angry with Antonio’s sister because she received a call from another man. Harris then punched her twice in the face. Antonio’s sister was able to lock Harris out of her apartment, but when he refused to leave she called Antonio to help. When Antonio arrived, he and Harris got into a fight after Antonio confronted Harris for hitting his sister. During this altercation, Harris stabbed Antonio. Antonio was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Antonio Levar Moore is survived by his two minor children.


Daniel Joseph Aldridge

Age 47


May 12, 2023

Daniel Joseph Aldridge, 47, died due to acute methamphetamine intoxication in Minneapolis on May 12. Delwayne Center, 40, is charged with third-degree murder. Daniel and Center initially met on a dating app and then agreed to meet at Center’s Minneapolis apartment. The two engaged in sexual activities, which included bondage, at Center’s apartment. While Daniel was tied up, Center injected him with methamphetamine. Daniel attempted to free himself after this first injection, but Center kept him tied up. After a short period of time, Center injected Daniel with methamphetamine once more. Center told police Daniel had a “concerning reaction,” to the second injection, and Center got angry with him because “he could not handle his drugs.” Center then noticed Daniel pass out after making “gurgling” noises and vomiting. Center went to sleep after this and awoke the next morning to realize Daniel appeared dead. Delwayne Center was finally charged in connection with Daniel’s death on December 28.

Sabrina Schnoor Pic.png

Sabrina Lee Schnoor

Age 25


May 29, 2023

Sabrina Lee Schnoor, 25, was shot and killed on May 29, under an I-35 overpass in Owatonna. Sabrina’s ex-boyfriend, Jason Horner, 38, was been charged with second-degree murder and illegal possession of a firearm. Horner had physically abused Sabrina for years during their relationship and had threatened to kill her on at least one occasion. Sabrina had recently told a friend that she wanted to purchase a gun because, “Horner had a gun and she would feel safer with one.” On the night of May 29, she met with Horner, despite her friends advising her not to go. One friend convinced her to install a GPS location tracking app so they would know where she was. When Sabrina’s friends had not heard from her the following morning, they checked the app and followed it to the location where they found Sabrina’s body under the overpass. Video surveillance showed Horner shoving Sabrina in the head and out of view under the overpass. Shortly afterward, he is the only one seen leaving the scene. The medical examiner revealed that prior to the shooting, Sabrina had suffered a skull fracture and a brain bleed. Horner has a history of intimate partner violence and was convicted of domestic assault of a different partner in 2017, and violating a harassment restraining order in 2018 that Sabrina had against him, for which he was incarcerated for a year. He also has at least five other domestic assault related charges.

Sabrina Lee Schnoor leaves behind her young son. 

Angela Marie McClelland Pic.jpg

Angela Marie McClelland

Age 49

Fort Ripley Township

June 25, 2023

Angela Marie McClelland, 49, was killed on June 25, in Fort Ripley Township. Tony McClelland, 47, Angela’s husband, is charged with felony second-degree murder with intent but no premeditation, felony first-degree manslaughter, and two counts of criminal vehicular homicide. Police were called on the morning of June 25, about a woman lying unresponsive on the side of a road in Crow Wing County. She was identified as Angela Marie McClelland, who had been reported missing by her daughter. Angela was found with significant trauma to her skull  and abrasions on her body that were consistent with being struck by a vehicle. Angela and Tony had attended a birthday the day before, and had gotten into an argument afterward while driving home. While Tony claimed he was too drunk to remember what happened, DNA revealed blood on the front of his vehicle belonged to Angela, as well as forensic evidence that showed he was driving on the road where she was found.

Angela Marie McClelland is survived by her six children. 

Vickie O'Brien Pic.jpg

Vickie Marie (Solmonson) O’Brien

Age 63

Sylvan Township

June 29, 2023

Vickie Marie (Solmonson) O’Brien, 63, was shot and killed by her husband, Terrance O’Brien, 64, on June 26 in their home in Sylvan Township. Police were called to their home to conduct a welfare check after family had not heard from either of them. On arrival, officers found Terrance dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound and Vickie dead from a gunshot wound that was ruled homicide.

Vickie Marie (Solmonson) O’Brien is survived by her two daughters and grandchild.

Youa Vue Khang Pic.png

Youa Vue Khang

Age 58

Brooklyn Center

July 3, 2023

Youa Vue Khang, 58, was shot and killed by her husband, Tou
Pao Khang, 68, on July 3. Youa and Tou had been arguing
inside a store in a shopping center in Brooklyn Center,
witnesses told police. While in the parking lot, Tou opened the
door to let Youa in their vehicle before shooting and killing
her. He then killed himself.

William Lamont Hudson Pic.jpg

William Lamont Hudson

Age 40


July 5, 2023

William Lamont Hudson, 40, was shot and killed in Minneapolis on July 5. Ryan Taylor, 41, is charged with two counts of second-degree murder. Taylor had previously been in a relationship with a woman that William was now dating. After Taylor and the woman attended a July 4 barbeque, she then met up with William. At around midnight, William and his girlfriend were walking near her apartment building when Taylor confronted them. The woman told Taylor she was going to call the police before he pulled out a firearm and shot William in the stomach. Taylor told police that he killed William Lamont Hudson because he believed his ex-girlfriend had “toyed with him.”

Danicka Marie Bergeson Pic.png

Danicka Marie Bergeson

Age 33


July 8, 2023

Danicka Marie Bergeson, 33, was found dead in her Hopkins apartment on July 8. Her boyfriend, Matthew Brenneman, 38, has been identified as the primary suspect and is currently in police custody. Brenneman was charged with assaulting Danicka in April and May of this year. In April, he struck and bit her, according to court documents, and in May, he struck, bit, strangled, and threatened to kill her. As a result of one of these assaults, Danicka’s father said she received 17 stiches in her arm as well as sutures in the back of her head. In late June, as a part of a plea deal for the April and May charges, Brenneman was released from jail until his August sentencing. Just 11 days later, Danicka Marie Bergeson was found dead in her apartment. When police found Danicka’s body, Brenneman was also in her apartment and had ingested a poisonous chemical in a suicide attempt. He was briefly taken to a hospital before being transported to the Hennepin County jail. Additionally, in 2021, a different woman sought an OFP against Brenneman for abuse. 


Darisha Vath Pic.webp

Darisha Tela Bailey Vath

Age 17

Forest Lake

July 16, 2023

Darisha Tela Bailey Vath, 17, was killed in Forest Lake on July 16. Dylan Simmons, 20, has been charged with third-degree murder and criminal vehicular homicide. During the early morning hours of July 16, a fight occurred between two groups of teens and young adults at a park in Forest Lake. According to Darisha’s family and friends, Simmons was in a vehicle with Darisha’s ex-boyfriend. As the fight was deescalating, Simmons intentionally drove his car into a group of people, striking Darisha and running her over. Friends and family say Darisha’s death was premediated and caused by, “her ex-boyfriend and his friend’s actions.” Darisha’s ex-boyfriend has not yet been charged.

Jean Harriette Mart Pic 2.jpg

Jean Harriette Mart

Age 77


July 16, 2023

Jean Harriette Mart, 77, was killed in her Perham home on July 16. Jean’s husband, Paul Mart, 79, is charged with second-degree murder. On the night of July 16, Paul admitted to hitting Jean’s head against their granite floor, killing her, before going to bed. The following morning, police were informed by a third-party that Paul had killed Jean and he said if, “any officers show up, he will shoot at them, and they will have to kill him,” Paul also said he considered suicide by cop, and he claimed to have taken a bottle of opiates. After a standoff involving Paul and SWAT teams, he eventually surrendered and was taken into custody. A provisional autopsy report revealed Jean Harriette Mart’s cause of death was multiple blunt force injuries and a gunshot wound to the head.


Sarah Kathryn Patrick

Age 30


August 3, 2023

Sarah Kathryn Patrick, 30, was shot and killed on August 3 in Minneapolis by Adam Erickson, 38, who also killed himself. Prior to her death, Sarah Patrick had reported to her close friends that she wanted to focus on her recovery and disentangle herself from the unhealthy relationship with Adam, but that she was scared Adam didn’t want the same thing. Adam was acting erratically in the month leading up to the homicide, using excessive amounts of cocaine and alcohol, recklessly carrying his gun, and exhibiting behaviors that were emotionally, psychologically, and financially abusive. Sarah’s friends report that Adam had a history of physical abuse, both towards Sarah and another recent partner. The night before she was murdered, a friend called Sarah. Adam answered her phone, agitated and paranoid that it was another man. When Sarah retrieved the phone, she sounded otherwise normal and confirmed that she was going to come over the next evening after work to watch a movie and house sit over the weekend. Early the next morning, Adam killed Sarah and himself. Sarah is loved and grieved by both of her parents, her younger sister, and a community of friends.

Betty Jo Bowman Pic.jpg

Betty Jo Bowman

Age 32


August 20, 2023

Betty Jo Bowman, 32, died on August 20 in Rochester. Betty was admitted to the hospital on August 16, for diarrhea and dehydration. Her conditioned worsened until she died four days later. While it was initially believed Betty died from a sudden onset autoimmune and infectious illness, a medical examiner concluded she was possibly poisoned and notified police. After a months-long investigation, Betty’s husband, Connor Bowman, 30, was arrested for her death. It is alleged that Connor gave his wife medication for ailments she did not have, causing her death by poisoning. Connor is a doctor and previously worked for the Kansas Poison Control Center. While Connor Bowman was booked on a charge of first-degree assault, he faces a recommended charge of second-degree murder.

Mary A. Corneliusen Pic.png

Mary A. Corneliusen

Age 66


August 28, 2023

Mary A. Corneliusen, 66, was shot and killed in her Warroad home on August 28. Mary’s husband, David Corneliusen, 63, is charged with second-degree murder. After killing Mary, David called the police and admitted to shooting and killing her following a verbal argument. 

Melanie Michele Jansen &

Hannah Nicole Parmenter

Ages 54 & 29

Breezy Point

September 5, 2023

Melanie Michele Jansen, 54, and her daughter, Hannah Nicole Parmenter, 29, were shot and killed by Melanie’s partner, Michael Toner, 59, at a resort timeshare in Breezy Point on September 5. Melanie’s son, and Hannah’s brother, arrived to the resort with his wife to meet his mother and sister. When no one answered the door to the resort timeshare, Melanie’s son looked through the window and saw blood and two bodies. Police confirmed Toner shot Melanie and Hannah multiple times before killing himself.

Melanie and Hannah Pic_edited.jpg
Sarah Carda Pic_edited.jpg

Sarah Jane Carda

Age 35

Fish Lake Township

October 6, 2023

Sarah Jane Carda, 35, was shot and killed on October 6, in her Fish Lake Township home. Her husband, Mike Carda, 39, is charged with second-degree murder; attempted second-degree murder; and second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon. Sarah’s mother called 911 when she heard Sarah and Mike arguing inside their home. When police arrived, they were informed the home was flagged for “having a large number of weapons.” The responding officer knocked on the door and heard a woman say, “he has a gun,” before hearing multiple gun shots. Police drone footage revealed Sarah’s dead body inside the home, while Mike refused to leave. After a standoff with police, Mike was eventually removed from the home unharmed. Mike had a pending domestic assault charge against Sarah and a domestic abuse no contact order (DANCO) was in place against him.


Jianqin Zhang

Age 53


October 12, 2023

Jianqin Zhang, 53, was strangled and killed in Eagan on October 12. Philip Wong, 25, is charged with second-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter. Wong met Jianqin at an Eagan hotel to purchase sex. When the “organization” Jianqin worked for was unable to contact her they reached out to one of her friends. The friend contacted the hotel and a staff member found Jianqin dead in her room. Police learned from the friend that Wong was Jianqin’s last client. Wong told police he met Jianqin at the hotel, paid for sex, and claimed afterward he showered and left. He said he received a call from the “organization” later that night saying Jianqin was dead, but he believed they were trying to scam him. However, one of Wong’s roommates relayed to police that Wong told her he “choked out” Jianqin and he claimed Jianqin tried to blackmail him. He also alleged Jianqin was still breathing when he left the hotel room. When questioned by police, he denied this version of events. The medical examiner found hemorrhaging on Jianqin Zhang’s neck and other marks consistent with strangulation.

Kayla Rose Hulsey Pic.webp

Kayla Rose Hulsey

Age 35

Ridgely Township

October 26, 2023

Kayla Rose Hulsey, 35, was strangled and killed on October 26, in Ridgely Township. Kayla’s boyfriend, Casey Narvaez, 39, is charged with one count of second-degree murder and one count of aiding suicide. Police were called to a boat landing in Nicollet County and found Narvaez standing outside a car with a cable ties around his neck. Kayla was found dead in the vehicle, also with cable ties around her neck. A dryer vent tube was found attached to the car’s exhaust pipe. During questioning, Narvaez initially said he fell asleep in his apartment with Kayla on October 25, and the next thing he remembered was waking up at the boat landing, unable to breathe and with something around his neck. When law enforcement challenged his story, Narvaez alleged that he and Kayla made a “suicide agreement.” He claimed they first tried carbon monoxide poisoning, but it did not work, so they then made ligatures out of cable ties. Narvaez admitted to putting one of the ligatures around Kayla’s neck and tightening it because he “wanted to help her die.” Casey Narvaez has a previous felony conviction for unlawful possession of a firearm in 2015, and another in 2014 for failure to register as a predatory offender.

Kayla Rose Hulsey is survived by her five children.

Justin Capri Boyland Pic.jpg

Justin Capri Boyland

Age 28

Prior Lake

October 28, 2023

Justin Capri Boyland, 28, was shot on October 26, in Prior Lake and died two days later. Tyler Schlotfeldt-Gidney, 28, is charged with second-degree murder. Justin was dating Schlotfeldt-Gidney’s ex-girlfriend. Schlotfeldt-Gidney asked his ex to meet at a park about their three-year-old daughter and asked Justin to accompany her because Schlotfeldt-Gidney was previously physically abusive. Schlotfeldt-Gidney shot Justin immediately after Justin exited his vehicle. A security guard witnessed Schlotfeldt-Gidney tuck a firearm into his waistband and flee the incident in his vehicle before he was arrested the following day. Due to a previous felony conviction, Tyler Schlotfeldt-Gidney was prohibited to possess a firearm.

Justin Capri Boyland leaves behind a 3-month-old daughter with his girlfriend.

Shaqita Thomas Pic_edited.jpg

Shaqita Monique Thomas

Age 39

St. Paul

November 17, 2023

Shaqita Monique Thomas, 39, was strangled and killed on November 17, in her St. Paul apartment. Her boyfriend, Kelvin M. Perry, 54, is charged with second-degree murder for her killing. Shaqita’s body was found in her apartment under an air mattress. There were visible signs of trauma to her head and a broken wine bottle and glass shards were located near her body. Perry was allegedly angry with Shaqita because she had recently spent the night at the emergency room for her son’s asthma with her estranged husband. The husband feared for her “well-being because he has heard her boyfriend yelling at her on multiple occasions.” When he had not heard from her in a few days, he requested a welfare check, where she was found dead. One of Perry’s ex-girlfriends said he “is a very violent, jealous person.” In the days following Shaqita’s death, Perry admitted to family and friends that he strangled her. On the same day he killed Shaqita, Perry stepped in front of and was struck by a light rail train in St. Paul in an attempted suicide. He is currently hospitalized. Perry is originally from Chicago, and has a “significant arrest history” there.

Shaqita Monique Thomas leaves behind at least one son.

Ricardo Samuel Pena Martinez Pic.jpg

Ricardo Samuel Pena Martinez

Age 31


November 20, 2023

Ricardo Samuel Pena Martinez, 31, was shot and killed in Minneapolis parking lot on November 20. Orky Xayachack, 37, is charged with second-degree murder. Ricardo was married for many years but had periods of separation from his wife throughout that time. During one of these separations, Ricardo’s wife began a relationship with Xayachack. However, Ricardo’s wife ended the relationship with Xayachack after reconciling with Ricardo. After she broke up with Xayachack, he sent her and Ricardo text messages threatening to kill them both. Following Ricardo’s death, Xayachack sent Ricardo’s wife a text saying he, “f—-d up Martinez.” Xayachack is prohibited to possess a firearm due to a previous felony conviction for terroristic threats.

Ricardo Samuel Pena Martinez leaves behind four young children.

Savannah Williams Pic_edited.jpg

Savannah Ryan Williams

Age 38


November 29, 2023

Savannah Ryan Williams, 38, was shot and killed on November 29 in Minneapolis. Damarean Bible, 25, is charged with second-degree murder. Bible encountered Savannah at a bus shelter on Lake Street, and the two went to a nearby courtyard to have sex. Bible told police he became “suspicious” of Savannah during the sex act and afterward shot her and left her on body on the sidewalk. During a recorded phone call to his parents, Bible said he “had to do it.” The firearm Bible used to kill Savannah was found in his apartment with no serial number.

Kesha Moore Pic.jpg

Kesha Latrice Moore

Age 43


December 17, 2023

Kesha Latrice Moore, 43, was shot and killed in her Minneapolis apartment on December 17. A man, described as Kesha’s live-in partner has been arrested as the primary suspect. Law enforcement were called to Kesha’s apartment on a report of a shooting. After officers did not receive a response, they forced their way inside and found Kesha dead from a gunshot wound. 

Meredith Marie Martell Pic.png

Meredith Marie Martell

Age 35


December 17, 2023

Meredith Marie Martell, 35, was stabbed and killed at her home in Marshall on December 17. Police were called to the residence on a report of a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival, officers witnessed a man, believed to be Meredith’s partner, stabbing her. Police first tased the man, then shot and killed him. Meredith was airlifted to a hospital where she later passed away.

Meredith Marie Martell’s leaves behind by six children; five minors, and one adult. Several of her children witnessed her murder and the police killing of the man who stabbed her.

Jayden Lee Kline Pic.jpg

Jayden Lee Kline

Age 18


December 21, 2023

Jayden Lee Kline, 18, was shot and killed outside her Fridley home on December 21. Jayden’s ex-boyfriend, Fenan Abdurezak Uso, 17, is charged with second-degree murder. Jayden and Uso had returned from the mall when neighbors heard a gunshot. Jayden’s body was then seen rolling out of the passenger side door before Uso’s van drove away. Uso was arrested later that day and admitted to shooting Jayden and drove away quickly because “he realized he did something dumb.” He also told police he purchased the firearm on December 20, the day before he killed Jayden. Authorities found the serial number matched a stolen firearm from Marshalltown, Iowa.

Kayla Marie Demarais Pic_edited.jpg

Kayla Marie Demarais

Age 29


December 28, 2023

Kayla Marie Demarais, 29, was shot and killed in her Dassel home on December 28. Kayla’s husband, Bryan Demarias, 35, is charged with one count of second-degree murder and two counts of child endangerment. Bryan called 911 to report a murder and later admitted to law enforcement that he shot Kayla multiple times in the head. He and Kayla had gotten into an argument about finances and perceived infidelity on the morning of December 28. Prior to shooting Kayla, Bryan told the couple’s two young children that he and Kayla were getting a divorce and blamed it on her. He then went into work and was sent home by his employer. Upon returning home, the children were playing video games in a bedroom when they heard multiple gunshots. One of the children told police she heard Kayla yell, “Call 9-1-1!” before Bryan said, “Close the door. … Don’t call 9-1-1. I will call 9-1-1.” The other child witnessed Kayla falling to the floor after hearing a gunshot. A bullet hole was found in one of the children’s bedroom walls.

Kayla is survived by her children, ages 8 and 11.

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