Fringe Festival Highlights: August 5-15, 2021

This year, Minnesota Fringe Festival is set to present mostly virtual content with multiple performance types. In-person venues include outdoor areas like Boom Island Park, Wood Lake Nature Center, and indoor spots such as The Bakken Museum, The Southern Theater, and more. 

We have compiled an excerpted list of this year’s performances that Minnesota Women’s Press readers won’t want to miss. Tickets are available through August 15. 

  • Directed by Larisa Netterlund, “Channel” is an immersive ghost story about a lighting designer, who, while working late, grapples with the nature of identity. The Crane Theater, 2303 Kennedy St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413 and Live Streaming Performance.
  • Storyteller Jena Young shares a tale of consent, dismissal, and patriarchy in “Cassandra and a Cat Called Woman.” Live Streaming Performance.
  • Producer Katie Jones uses puppet and object theatre to make some revisions to the literary canon with a feminist twist in “Trainwreck.” Recorded for Virtual Performance.
  • Marcus Atkins and Maatology Productions explores what happens when next door neighbors are forced to reckon with one another’s true identities. “The DEFinition ASSOCiation.” Recorded for Virtual Performance.
  • In Jane Comer’s one-woman show told over the course of four YouTube style videos, Amy Williams takes a class on filmmaking. But a chance encounter with her class partner leads to the things she doesn’t like discussing, such as her trans identity, being revealed to the world in “Becoming Adorable.” Recorded for Virtual Performance.
  • In “Maternal,” Clara moves back in with her mother following a C-section. What follows is a psychological thriller about motherhood. Recorded for Virtual Performance.
  • …and Now This Happens,” is an apt title for a production about the moment Minnesota looked up from the Chauvin trial to witness another police murder of Daunte Wright. Recorded for Virtual Performance.
  • Producer Maggie Caplan presents a contemplative lesbian comedy about family, sex, and complicated relationships with womanhood in “Why We Have a Body.” The Green House, 3717 37th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55406.
  • GenderTalks” remixes conversations between trans, nonbinary, and gender-nonconforming midwesterners to reveal truths and secrets about their experience of gender-identity during 2020 isolation. Live Streaming Performance.