MWP Conversation: Community Vitality, June 17

In the first conversation of our summer series, Minnesota Women’s Press editor Mikki Morrissette talked to three women about their experiences with revitalizing community.

In the case of April Myers, she found community at Solace Apartments in St. Peter, where the Southwest Housing Partnership co-created sober housing to help avoid the common relapses especially among young mothers. April tells us what a difference this community has made in her life.

Elicia Kortus talked about how she is working with others to revitalize the small town of Jasper, Minnesota.

Ruvarashe Tsoka talked with us about the work she is doing in Hibbing around childcare resources.

We also talked about why leadership from women tends to be different. While we did not record all of this part of the conversation, since it was in the Q&A portion, here is one snippet related to the sponsor for this summer series.

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