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Why we need you to help us continue to tell our authentically community-based stories about powerful, everyday people, and to expand statewide with our action-oriented Changemakers Alliance.

  1. We believe in free access to our equity- and justice-based first-person narratives. We have no online paywalls, and print copies can be picked up freely at coffee shops, grocery stores, libraries, and more than 400 community distribution sites, with growing hubs across Minnesota.
  2. We do not offer misleading data and demographics about our audience, or use bots to inflate online traffic numbers; some advertising support goes to publications who are less diligent about their data.
  3. We offer free ads to two under-resourced organizations/events each month.
  4. We are building conversations statewide that take our stories off the page and into solutions and action.


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Our online story development, discussions, and momentum-building around solutions and action steps focuses on a few ongoing and core issues. But we cannot do this work without your help, as content support from underwriters for our unique form of first-person narratives and community-based reporting is limited.

The more funding we have, the more storytelling we can pay for and the more statewide discussions we can co-host to:

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