Changemakers Alliance

It is time for everyday advocates and reporters to ask questions and tell stories together. This is the evolving page for updates and details.

Changemakers Alliance: Stories, Solutions & Solidarity is a statewide network launching January 2022, made possible by underwriters, donors, and members. Our first underwriter is Valvoline Instant Oil Change across Northern Minnesota, a woman-owned business supporting women and families across the region.

Minnesota Women’s Press has covered social issues since April 16, 1985, with an intergenerational audience of more than 25,000 people each month. Changemakers Alliance is a natural spinoff to take stories and solutions a step further — to actively connect people around problem-solving and story development.

The vision: A collaborative media platform that fosters story creation and develops action steps to solve problems of the next decade.

Changemakers Alliance launch with two sessions in January.

Learn more about the inaugural cohort of Changemakers Alliance members, and sign up for the public sessions in February.

Why Now?

The news cycle tends to focus on momentary events and has been less effective at covering ongoing, intersecting social issues. Minnesota is struggling with transforming justice, housing and wage inequities, untreated trauma, and environmental deterioration. Gender-based violence and racism has long been a concern. As a media model that has always developed first-person narratives and action steps with community members, we are uniquely poised to develop a next step in journalism. 

Passionate, engaged people are signing up for conversations that will lead to opt-in statewide storytelling project teams.

You do not need to be a trained reporter, writer, advocate, or policy maker to be a Changemaker. All are welcome to talk, listen, and solve together. Try one session, come every month, or join when the scheduled topic is of interest to you. All you need to do is become a member.

Changemakers Alliance is Minnesota’s collaborative media model uniquely created for people who care about justice, equity, ecosystems, and trauma.

The Vision

Natalie Marr was a member of the first CALL conversation on January 8, 2022. Her synopsis of the need this new media fills.

Ella Saltmarshe, in a 2018 essay in Stanford Social Innovation Review, illuminated the questions we will work together to solve for each Changemakers Alliance story-and-action team topic :

  • What are the conditions responsible for the problem?
  • What is the impact on wider society?
  • Is there a need to change laws, policies, and programs?
  • Who is working to change this?
  • What are the opportunities for collective engagement?
from Nat Kendall-Taylor’s Ted Talk, “The Science of Storytelling”

How to Join

Basic Membership, Free — Attend public conversations on second Saturday or second Wednesday of each month. Sign up here.

Supporting Membership$5/month, cancel anytime — Receive newsletter with conversation clips, story team status updates, forum invitations, solutions and action steps. This helps pay for newsletter editors and an ongoing website presence for Changemakers Alliance stories, video excerpts, and commentaries.

Founding Membership, $150/year — Receive invitations to private conversations related to equity/ justice/ trauma/ ecosystems. This helps hire conversation moderators from diverse communities representing different topics.

Community Membership, $250/year — Unlocks Supporting Membership for 25 people — your choice of emails to add to the mailing list, or we can invite underrepresented people around the state. BONUS: Receive a copy of “35 Years of Minnesota Women.”

Thanks to Community Membership Supporters
to Date

  • Karen Wille
  • Mary Warne (x2)
  • Cathie Hartnett (x4)
  • Marcia Wattson
  • Rebecca Thoman
  • Julie Ingleman
  • Evon Spangler
  • Martha Hardesty
  • Mary Easter-Wells
  • Tanya Korpi (x4)

Virtual Conversations

* additional conversations will be held each month after funding is secured for moderators and a Collaboration Coordinator

  • SUMMARY: “Let’s Talk About Fears” January 8 or 12 (get-acquainted) 
  • Legislative Priorities, February 9 or 12 (statewide equity)
  • Stigma & Recovery, March 9 or 12 (healing trauma)
  • Sex Trafficking: Readings and Panel Discussion, with Chris Stark, Babette Sandman, Quintina Sonnie, March 23, 7pm (healing trauma)
  • April: What Is the ‘Commons?’ (ecosystems)
  • TBD: “No Judgment: Talking About Mining,” with Ranae Hanson (ecosystems)
  • May: How Do We Improve the Lives of Children? (justice)
  • September: Nominate 2022 Changemakers
  • October: Using Our Voice & Vote
  • December: Meet the 2022 Changemakers

What we can do together: Click here for a template related to the housing crisis

Founding Advisors

We need to unearth the old stories that live in a place and begin to create new ones, for we are story-makers, not just story-tellers. All stories are connected, new ones woven from the threads of the old.”

“Women’s Press has been one of the few publications that will publish the lived experiences and opportunities of rural Minnesota women. Today’s collective psychosis has led to an atmosphere of terror and social/political polarization that is too often fed by dominant culture–controlled media — in contrast to the stories of solidarity and solutions that advance justice and healing published from trusted Women’s Press authors. I look forward to the Women’s Press Changemakers Alliance as an opportunity to absorb the power of the story and advance our shared equity vision.” — Cheryal Lee Hills (she/her) |R5DC & NCEDA Executive Director

Thanks to Our First Underwriter

Long-time Minnesota Women’s Press supporter Tanya Korpi is the only female Valvoline franchise owner, with locations in northern Minnesota. She will underwrite our upcoming series related to “Women in Politics,” especially with connections to be made in Greater Minnesota.

Minnesota Changemakers


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    Your magazine and articles of Change Makers is so informative.! And reading about good ,hard working, achieving women encourage me to want to do more with my own life, and within my community. I wish everyone would read your articles on a monthly basis. Thank you.

    • Mikki Morrissette

      Thank you for writing Patricia! Yes, we agree. 🙂 Please share our stories freely with your friends.

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