Changemakers Alliance: Housing

1. Articulate Problems in Tandem With Advocates

Click here for presentation that links to full stories (video below does not do that)

2. Identify Solutions in Video Interviews

Video clips from a December 2021 conversation

How to reframe narratives related to housing solutions: Stanford Social Innovations Review

3. Develop Action Steps

Led by CALL members February to June 2022

Resource development for support, volunteerism, and access

Target policy makers and donors for joint solutions-oriented campaign

Share for collective change

Other Projects in Earliest Stages

  • Perspectives about climate issues (Restoring Ecosystems)
  • Healing around sex trafficking (Healing Trauma)
  • Community solutions related to addiction and recovery (Transforming Justice)
  • Women in politics (Correcting Inequities)
  • In the first CALL conversation, discussion included devising solutions for addressing the growing pandemic-triggered mental health crisis (Healing Trauma)
Each Changemaker Alliance (CALL) project is:
  1. A statewide issue in one of four core topics: Healing Trauma, Correcting Inequities, Restoring Ecosystems, Transforming Justice
  2. Requiring stronger storytelling
  3. Told in partnership with advocates, policymakers, and CALL members,
  4. Leading to solutions and action steps,
  5. Shared for public awareness and support.


a work in progress … what organizations around the state do … what they need … who is collaborating on what?

CALL: Housing Advocacy Organizations

Column: A Multi-faceted Approach to the Housing Crisis, by Breanne Rothstein

Essay: Why I Am a Housing Advocate, by Lindalee Soderstrom

Addressing Homelessness

Adult Shelter Connected (612-248-2350) offers available indoor shelter options.

A Conversation With Sheila Delaney

“Collective Action” forum included conversation about homelessness

Amazon Wish List here from St. Stephen’s

Food donations, House of Charity, 714 Park Ave., Minneapolis (contact