2007 Changemaker: Connie Perpich & Planned Parenthood

Reproductive justice: increasing low-income women's access to contraception

Is women’s studies still relevant?

Founded in the late '60s, the academic discipline of women's studies has now expanded to include gender and sexuality studies as well as racism, environmental equity and peace studies. With all these changes ... is women's studies still relevant?

Accidental American

"I didn't know what asylum meant, but I felt it had to be better than war."

A home of her own

Women buyers are changing the face of home ownership

Healing the prisoners

Deanna Germain wrote about her experiences as a nurse at Abu Ghraib in Iraq

Growing great kids

"When my son exhibited feminist attitudes, my mother said he was going to make some lucky woman a wonderful husband. When my daughter stood up for herself, my mother said she'd never find a man who'd put up with her."

The co$t of caring

Beyond stress and emotions, women's paychecks and pensions can take a hit when they choose to care for elderly parents

Secret mothers

Pregnant and unwed pre-Roe v. Wade, many were forced to hide their pregnancies and surrender their babies

Fertility stress

All too many couples struggle to conceive

Minnesota’s legislating women

Can 70 women restore health care funding?

Indomitable Spirit

H.Lou Tofte's triumphed over unspeakable tragedies. It will take more than retirement to slow her down.

Valuing the work of childcare

Do we really value those who care for kids?