We’re from HERE

"Despite assimilating culturally, however, our Korean features were often markers of our 'otherness.' Judged by outward physical markers, we must justify and explain our presence in Minnesota, answering the often-asked question, 'So, where are you from?' HERE answers that question. "

Homeless is my address, not my name

A photo and oral history of homelessness in Minnesota photos…

Family found

Jackie Maher and Katie DeCosse, birthmother and daughter, reunite…

When love ends

You're getting a divorce: How can you protect yourself? What should you do first?

Shelter from the storm

"It's safer to have shelters visible. Personally, I believe that because a shelter is a visible part of a community, a battered woman is more likely to know where she can go."

Feminists in the Kitchen

How fascinating that the third wave of feminists, the women of Generation X and the Riot Grrrl movements of the 1990s, never met a womanly art they didn't like.

Feminist lens on adoption

"Adoption is defined by American ethnocentrism. What 'we' do is right. We have the solution for everything. We can take better care of these children than you can."

2008 Changemakers: Talking Suitcases tell unique life stories

"These are thoughtful, courageous, and sensitive women. As they worked, more and more memories came alive."

Uncommon loss

The Minnesota Women's Press talked to three mothers and several people who work with bereaved parents. These are their stories.

Hard-hatted woman

"I wondered, 'where can I shine?' I believe you create your own destiny. I decided to use my bilingual skills."

‘Our hip, cool nun’

It would be 57 years before Sister Justina found out her birth name and learned why her mother abandoned her in a basket outside an orphanage.

Incidentally Single, Intentionally Mothers

Women are increasingly choosing to become parents without partners. Who are they, why are they choosing single motherhood, and what do they have to say about it?