Deborah Jiang Stein’s unPrison Project

"Do you think I'm weak? It takes real strength to say that you need help."

Out in rural Minnesota: Jessi Tebben and Ashley Schuman build family-despite challenges

Jessi Tebben (left) Ashley Schuman (Courtesy Photo) Both…

Making the case that it’s sexual harassment, not bullying

Michele St. Martin (courtesy photo) Consider this scenario:…

Freedom enjoyed by all

Lori J. Wilfahrt (courtesy photo) Our son, Corporal Andrew…

Slowed road to equality

The annual report on the status of women and girls in Minnesota. More than 60 people from a variety of organizations and coalitions gathered and analyzed data about economics, safety and security, health and reproductive rights, and power and leadership.

Boy camp for girls

Linda Foster (courtesy photo) I spent most of my childhood…

Choobideh & lefse

"Ever since I was little my dad and my grandparents have been telling me about Iran. ... I've started understanding that not all laws are just and not all people are treated equal. [It's] an issue I've become very passionate about."

Sailing up stream

"Life on land can be very stressful in very minute ways, whereas life on a boat is simple. It's relaxed. Stress is reserved for actual stressful events like when you're running aground or a storm is coming."

Labor of love

"I'm obsessed with continuing to learn. ... What if I'm out in public and somebody asks me a question? I don't want to look dumb."

Like mother, like daughter

"I want to use my knowledge to make change within the African community."

2010 Changemaker: Hnub Tshiab

"People must first become personal agents of change in order to create social change."

2010 Changemaker: Ellen Kennedy

"Genocides happen for very complicated reasons, but also for a very simple reason: because we let them."