Recipe: Purple Rain Salad

"Food makes community."

“Let Them Eat Cake” A Tasty Glimpse at How Minnesotans Celebrate

She says cake decorations look more like abstract paintings today than they did in the past, with “smears and watercolor effects.”

Brain Stimulation and Respite: How a memory loss program serves people coping with dementia at home

“It’s beautiful to see how they build that connection and look forward to being with each other.”

Readers Respond: What is your favorite children’s book?

“I never knew a book could make you think and cry so much.”

Commentary: Progress, and Next Steps, in Protecting Homeowners from Faulty HOAs

If a home has mold or a structural problem, there are remedies for the homeowner. But if an HOA structure is not solid, sound, or ethical, there is very little recourse for the homeowner.

Legacy Story: Will Unionization Improve Child Care? (1990)

One of the best-trained, lowest-paid and most female-dominated workforces in the state, child care workers seek ways to increase benefits for themselves and the children they serve.

Legacy Story: When It Comes to Child Care, You Haven’t Come Very Far, Baby (1998)

What we end up with is a system that is underfunded, has a high staff turnover, and is harmful to kids. 

The Awesome Power of Awe

The more overwhelmed we are, the more we need awe.

Feline Power

It can be so frustrating to be a disabled woman. Not so for a cat.

The People Who Help Us Bloom

The nice thing about this holiday project is that we make the rules.

2023 Changemaker Hli Xyooj: Bridging the Hmong Community

“How do I empower myself by empowering my community?”

Youth Mental Health Facility Opens in East Bethel

Minnesota Commissioner for the Department of Human Services, Jodi Harpstead, said her department estimates that kids facing mental health issues that interfere significantly with home and school affect 9 percent of the state's youth.