2011 Changemakers: ‘Women Making Change’

"If you don't like something, work to change it."

Sermons on the tractor

"Sometimes when I am weeding or driving the tractor, I am rolling a sermon around in my head."

Sailing up stream

"Life on land can be very stressful in very minute ways, whereas life on a boat is simple. It's relaxed. Stress is reserved for actual stressful events like when you're running aground or a storm is coming."

Voice leader

What did I want to do as an Anishinaabe female musician?"

Crop tenders

"They [immigrants] are key to our workforce. ...They work hard. They are well-liked workers and often they have family generations on the same farm."

Dairy diva

"I just wasn't cut out to work with plants. Living, breathing animals are just more my thing."

‘Our hip, cool nun’

It would be 57 years before Sister Justina found out her birth name and learned why her mother abandoned her in a basket outside an orphanage.

2007 Changemaker: Nancy Scheibe

Gathering women's wisdom while paddling the Mississippi

2007 Changemaker: TADA!

Teens Against Dating Abuse spread the message about dating abuse to ‘tween girls

Hip on hemp: Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis is the "hemp queen" using hemp and recycled fabric in her clothing business

Small towns, BIG opportunities

Women-owned businesses are flourishing in Ely and Owatonna

The constant gardener

Mimi Hottinger has come to terms with the abuse that shattered her childhood