American Independent Business Alliance

I want everybody to know that their decisions and actions matter. Whether it is conscious or subconscioius, you influence others around you.

Madeleine Baran: A Victory for Journalism

Interviewing skills, values help MPR reporter uncover church's secrets

‘We made history’: 2014 legislative session = big wins for women

Instead of all-or-nothing, the coalition and legislative leaders took an unusual "both-and" approach.

Ann Hofmeister revs up interest in women and Harleys

"If you don't ride, it's hard to explain, but when you're out there and you get all the senses working ... it's really neat."

Pay equity: unfinished business: Many hands keep pushing to close the gap

Patty Tanji (Courtesy Photo) As 2014 dawned, pay equity hit…

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of 24-hour International Women’s Day programming at KFAI

"I can't tell you how different it is to listen to 24 hours of women's voices and then switch over to the mainstream media the next day."

Betty McKenzie: locked up for peace

The activist nun put her beliefs on the line, even if it meant going to jail. "I learned a lot in prison. For one thing, the people there are absolutely normal. I can only think of one who seemed like a criminal to me."

Sarah Walker is a sociologist-turned-advocate-turned-lobbyist-turned-reformer

"If you have not received adequate education, adequate mental health services, you face racial discrimination - all of those cumulative disparities come together in the criminal justice system."

Target: Sex trafficking

What I want is for people to understand that we are women first. One hundred percent of us are somebody's daughter ... so see us as that, not as a prostitute."

2013 Changemaker: Marriage equality

"In Minnesota, we don't turn our back on our families." - Rep. Karen Clark