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Changemakers Alliance: Housing

We are developing a new kind of media that connects solutions and solution-makers for statewide issues. This is in development in 2022 as Changemakers Alliance. Become a supporting member.

  • 01/01/2022
Changemakers alliance

Changemakers Alliance

It is time for everyday advocates and reporters to ask questions and tell stories together. This is the evolving page for updates and details.

  • 12/27/2021

Minnesota Ranks 6th in Green Responses to Climate Change

Over the last decade, Minnesota has more than doubled renewable energy generation, largely thanks to wind energy.

  • 12/14/2021

News Bites: December 2021

Firearm purchases, Feminist retelling of stories, Trauma-informed response

  • 12/13/2021

Climate Underground: A Visual Story

Former Vice President Al Gore led a conversation about regenerative agriculture as part of a two-day Climate Underground conference featuring

  • 12/08/2021
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Collective Effort: Resettling Afghan Refugees in Minnesota

There are dozens of people statewide who are working together in weekly calls to create systems that welcome and support

  • 12/08/2021
fear survey

Fear Survey

People statewide are telling us about their deepest concerns related to political polarization, climate change, racism, violence, death, and more.

  • 11/30/2021

Commentary: Minneapolis Public Safety — What Is Next?

Saint Paul started a great process of improving public safety practices five months after George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis.

  • 11/03/2021

Minnesota’s History of Co-ops

Today Minnesota is home to a network of 45 co-ops, working with more than 200 organic farms.

  • 10/27/2021

In the News: November 2021

Food costs, lab-developed beef, Towerside energy vision, food system books

  • 10/27/2021

Minneapolis Ballot Question 2: Public Safety

We might agree that the current justice and public safety system does not work, but what is the solution? Tearing it down? Testing new models? Electing different leaders to reshape the structure from within?

  • 10/26/2021

The Prevalence of Guns

There have been nearly 80 reported homicides in Minneapolis in 2021, as of October 25. The list below includes 17 gun violence cases in Hennepin County that have someone in custody or sentenced since then, going back to 2019.

  • 10/24/2021