Gender-based Violence

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UPDATES: 2023 Legislative Session

Gender-Based Violence Discussing Domestic Violence and Homeless Youth at Legislature Intense Testimony for Hearing about Missing and Murdered Black Women

  • 01/25/2023

Values & Vision: Collective Action Against Aggression

It is time, she writes, to become our own protection system to thwart aggressors.

  • 01/25/2023

Discussing Domestic Violence and Homeless Youth at Legislature

January 24 — Rep. Kristin Bahner (DFL–37B) introduced HF424 to the House Public Safety and Finance Committee, in order to

  • 01/24/2023

Summary: “The Bonobo Sisterhood”

How to revolutionize the way we handle gender-based violence

  • 12/29/2022
Diane Rosenfeld John R. Boehm Photography

A Conversation with Diane Rosenfeld: What is the Bonobo Sisterhood?

We just have to come and answer the call to fend off the male. “Nobody pimps my sister. Everybody is my sister.”

  • 12/29/2022

Values & Vision: How to Evolve Together

In essence, Values & Vision is a kind of salon — a hybrid of book discussion, related to current events and issues — that takes the extra step of leading to solutions, solidarity, and action.

  • 12/29/2022
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For January 5 Event: Book Excerpts of “The Bonobo Sisterhood”

Join us January 5 for a discussion of the concept for addressing gender-based violence outlined in “The Bonobo Sisterhood”

  • 12/29/2022

Values and Vision

Our first Values & Vision conversation in 2023 is around the book “The Bonobo Sisterhood: Revolution Through Female Alliance,” by Diane Rosenfeld

  • 12/17/2022
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Reducing Gender-Based Violence Series

A team of Changemakers Alliance partners have been planning discussion and story angles for a series focused on gender-based violence, to be held from January through March.

  • 12/14/2022