Game ball

Lisa Lissimore and Linda Roberts (Photo by Sarah Whiting) Basketball…

Marathon Mary

"I'd rather run long and slow than short and fast. It's my therapy."

Feels like flying

Ski jumper Karin Friberg soars into her comfort zone Karin…

Sailing up stream

"Life on land can be very stressful in very minute ways, whereas life on a boat is simple. It's relaxed. Stress is reserved for actual stressful events like when you're running aground or a storm is coming."

Always the adventurer

Connie Van Valkenburg (courtesy photo) Connie Van Valkenburg…

To-do list

"You already know who you are and where your passions lie-my list was guided by that. I might never learn to tango, and I'm OK with that."

Life on the run

"Every day I need to look in the mirror and say 'I can do this.' I think mental training is huge for a runner."

2007 Changemaker: Nancy Scheibe

Gathering women's wisdom while paddling the Mississippi

2007 Changemaker: Foundation IX

Committed to eliminate cost as a barrier in girls' sports

Adventurous entrepreneur

Luisa Fuentes-Tuel is an immigrant, mother and businesswoman who’s proud of her Peruvian roots

Rock stars

Women rock climbers are ascending the ranks