2010 Changemaker: The Reentry Clinic

"We're here to stabilize and support people in the choices they make. ... be supportive but also hold people accountable."

2010 Changemaker: Hnub Tshiab

"People must first become personal agents of change in order to create social change."

2010 Changemakers: 29th Street Petal Pushers

"Girls are always thinking about their fantasies but the business plan can help them think forward and stay on track."

2010 Changemaker: Ellen Kennedy

"Genocides happen for very complicated reasons, but also for a very simple reason: because we let them."

2010 Changemaker: Marie Garza

"I speak for those who can't speak. I want people to remember that [the victims had] lived. They had a life."

2010 Changemaker: Silvia Pérez Sánchez

Organizer in Powderhorn neighborhood creates community for Latina…

Art for change CoverArtist:Tammy Ortegon’s art has something to say

If you've been to the corner of 34th and Cedar or the corner…

To-do list

"You already know who you are and where your passions lie-my list was guided by that. I might never learn to tango, and I'm OK with that."

Language lessons

"... my Hmong is not as good. I'm not saying exactly what the teacher is saying. My mom asks if I'm telling her everything."

Black feminist politics

"We are no more post-feminism than we are post-racism."

25 Year Timeline

Aretha, Xena, Janet Reno & more … 25 years of women’s work, 1985 to today

Mass action for peace

"Step out of your comfort zone and get involved with issues that affect women. They say in the world now that every woman should be concerned."