2012 Changemaker: ‘Abandon ME’

"What women like about it is that it's not explicit. It's more powerful because it's symbolic rather than explicit."

2010 Changemaker: Peace Circle Initiative

"There were three shootings into my house. I couldn't sit around and watch it happen."

2010 Changemaker: Ellen Kennedy

"Genocides happen for very complicated reasons, but also for a very simple reason: because we let them."

2010 Changemaker: Marie Garza

"I speak for those who can't speak. I want people to remember that [the victims had] lived. They had a life."

2009 Changemaker: Marlene Jezierski

‘Beyond the Mirror’ Marlene Jezierski gives away…

2009 Changemaker: Bukola Oriola

"There is help out there and all they need to do is to make a phone call to be free from slavery and torture."

Shelter from the storm

"It's safer to have shelters visible. Personally, I believe that because a shelter is a visible part of a community, a battered woman is more likely to know where she can go."

Suzanne Koepplinger

"We can't move forward until we have more than anecdotal information. We've got to have the data."

Leading with her heart

"I wanted women ... to have the resources and support to move out of those violent relationships and understand, most importantly, that what is happening to them isn't a result of what they are doing ... that they didn't bring it on themselves."

Into the light

Women, recovery and spirituality Photography by Sarah Whiting. "Quitting…

Coming home

Minnesota female veterans face unique challenges Chante Wolf…

2007 Changemaker: TADA!

Teens Against Dating Abuse spread the message about dating abuse to ‘tween girls