Violence against women: A social disease with an identifiable cause

Cheryl Thomas (courtesy photo) As the news about sexual assaults…

‘In the Body of the World’

"Everything that was happening in my body with the cancer reminded me of the carelessness with which we treat the earth, treat life, treat bodies, treat ourselves - the dishonoring."

Of daughters, mothers, distance and healing

Kelly Fern (Photo courtesy of Kelly Fern) Kelly Fern will…

Peace & war

"I was naive when I signed up. I was so upset after I got that [deployment] call. I thought I was going to die. I wasn't going to Spain. I was 19, and it was a lot to handle emotionally."

2012 Changemaker: Christine Stark

"These women have survived for their entire lives. They have an incredible amount of strength and resiliency."

2012 Changemaker: ‘With Impunity’

Documentary examines culture and history of gender-based violence. "We really wanted to tell the story that if we are ever going to stop men's violence against women that men need to step up in leadership."

Activist artist Shirl Chouinard creates dolls to educate about domestic violence

Shirl Chouinard (Courtesy Photo) When Shirl Chouinard asked…

Out in rural Minnesota: Jessi Tebben and Ashley Schuman build family-despite challenges

Jessi Tebben (left) Ashley Schuman (Courtesy Photo) Both…

Making the case that it’s sexual harassment, not bullying

Michele St. Martin (courtesy photo) Consider this scenario:…

Women are the solution : Q&A with Sheryl WuDunn

Sheryl WuDunn (Courtesy Photo) Empowering women and girls…

2011 Changemaker: Northside Women’s Space

"Why do you think a woman would want to sell her body? Would you want to do that? What if that was you?"

2011 Changemaker: SlutWalk Minneapolis

"[the SlutWalk] message isn't telling people 'don't get raped,' it's telling people 'don't rape.'"