Who protects the protectors?

Minnesota's Women Veterans Initiative works to support, uplift and defend the women who serve

No means No

Sexual assault remains a big problem on campus, but new prevention efforts are shining a light on the real risks college women face.

Lt. Kim Lund: ‘Get into your neighbors’ business’

"Be the one to make the call [and report suspected abuse]. Don't assume that someone else will do it."

Sia Her: Cultural bridge builder

"The greatest challenge I as an American of Hmong descent have experienced in my life is that constant effort to be true to myself."

2014 Changemakers: Alexandra Pierce and Lauren Martin

Sex trafficking operations employ systematic psychological, physical and sexual brutality to develop a 'product,' which is girls to sell.

A passionate “genius”

Sarah Deer (Photo courtesy of the John D. & Catherine T.…

‘We are all advocates’

The nation's first women's shelter, Women's Advocates was founded in the Twin Cities and is marking it's 40th anniversary.

Madeleine Baran: A Victory for Journalism

Interviewing skills, values help MPR reporter uncover church's secrets

Target: Sex trafficking

What I want is for people to understand that we are women first. One hundred percent of us are somebody's daughter ... so see us as that, not as a prostitute."

Hmong bride price — who decides?

Tiffany Vang (courtesy photo) Beth* thought Brian* was sweet…

2013 Changemaker: Cindy Larson

"Veterans don't ask for help. For someone to make the call and come in, it's a big step in and of itself. I get some amount of respect and trust because I'm another veteran. ... They know you know where they're coming from."

The rape myth

"Women's choices and women's behavior are not the source of the problem. It's individuals who choose to use sex as a tool of violence."