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The Collaborative Revolution: Feminists Recreating Society

Do you care about healing trauma, transforming justice, restoring ecosystems, or building equitable and cooperative economies?

Historically, “salons” have been a regular social gathering of people, especially writers and artists, at a woman’s home. Consciousness raising was popularized by feminists in the late 1960s — people gathering in a conversation circle to bring attention to causes or oppressive conditions. Decades ago, Minnesota Women’s Press hosted discussion groups in its office.

We will revisit the concept in 2022, largely virtually (but also in non-metro communities), as we launch the new statewide Changemakers Alliance to bring rural, suburban, and urban voices together (all genders welcome).

A few of the online discussions planned:
  • January: Let’s Talk About Fears
  • February: Statewide Equity
  • March: Stigma & Recovery
  • April: What Is the ‘Commons?’
  • May: How Do We Improve the Lives of Children?

Changemakers Alliance will amplify stories and solutions to long-standing issues and help to build solidarity around action.

A Next Step in the Minnesota Women’s Press Story-Sharing Evolution

Co-Creation of Solutions-Oriented Stories

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