CALL: What We Are Talking About This Week

November 28: NEW Legacy story on gender-based violence, solutions in youth mental health, “Let’s Talk Money” discussion

November 21: Melvin Carter and Peggy Flanagan on public safety reform

November 14: youth mental health interview, money conversation (51% open)

November 8: election results (63% open)

October 31:  Minneapolis city candidates on public safety, Mary Moriarty on juvenile justice reform, new sales kit (50% open)

October 24: Duluth city council candidate Miranda Pacheco (46% open)

October 17:  Junauda Petrus on policing safety, Mikki’s message on Badass membership, Crystallized view from Worthington (48% open)

October 10: Hometown — Our conversation in Worthington (50% open)



July 11: A view from Ortonville, where ecosystems combine

July 3: How Peace House gives unhoused people a chance to connect, and the volunteers they need.

June 27: Next Step program connects with people involved with street violence; differing viewpoints on how to improve public safety

June 20: Chisholm hosts a Juneteenth celebration, and the Global Rights for Women shares a 140-page report about how Minneapolis police handles domestic violence

June 14: Minnesota Women’s Press hosts panel discussion at Minneapolis event about transformative justice; Loretta Ross talks reproductive justice at Women Winning event

June 6: Notes from D.C., updates on Hometown Values & Vision tour, and raising funds for Housing coverage

May 31: images from the three-year anniversary of George Floyd’s murder by police, and reflections from global facilitators about conflict resolution

May 24, 2023 : Public safety — juvenile justice forum in Brooklyn Park