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Active level*

Pays for two CALL newsletter ads per month from under-resourced organizations. Increases our fund for first-person essays — a rare approach in media.

Doyenne level*

Pays for Greater Minnesota commentaries and stories in our “Hometown Values & Vision” series. Optional perks: Gift an Active membership (your choice or ours); receive the print magazine by mail each month.

Asset-maker level

Tax-deductible option. Helps us develop conversations and stories about: Re-imagining Public Safety, Ecolution, Reducing 

Gender-Based Violence, Hometown Values & Vision.

* Only the Asset-maker level is a charitable donation that qualifies for a tax deduction.

For those of you who have already been supporting us monthly, as a subscriber or contributor, we can help you convert your support into membership if you choose. We don’t have email addresses for many of you; please contact crystal@womenspress.com to learn more.


“Be a Badass” membership enables us to develop and distribute the content we uniquely offer.

Why are people interested in this membership? MBA students at St. Kate’s connected with members in our pilot program, who told them they want to:

  • Support coverage I don’t see elsewhere (74%)
  • Connect with others involved in like-minded issues (47%)
  • Access special events (38%)
  • Share action alerts  (36%)

Who is a Badass so far? See our list.

All members have the option to:

  • Attend the members-only “39 Years of Voice & Vision” event on April 13, 2024

  • Vote for “Badass Minnesotan of the Year” recognitions to be awarded at the event
  • Receive the Tuesday CALL newsletter (opt-out available; this is how we share invitations and asks)

Bold level: Organizations and Students

We create stories with community, not simply for community. If your vision aligns with ours, we would like to collaborate leading up to our April 13 “Healthy Collaborations” event, and the next steps that happen after. We are particularly interested in partners who support:

  • “Yes in My Backyard” story sharing for affordable and supportive housing communities that increase options for mental health and substance use therapy, trauma recovery, and wraparound services for those who will benefit from stable housing and jobs
  • Storytelling for legislators to consider the “Survivors Justice Act,” which would take trauma into account before sentencing in the criminal system, as well as gun legislation to protect victims of domestic violence
  • Expansion of the work of Alternatives to Violence project and restorative justice practitioners
  • Co-creation of a statewide network for survivors of gender-based violence and sexual assault

Contact crystal@womenspress.com to ask about becoming an institutional partner in the Badass community.

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