The bomb came at the end of an already emotion-laced conversation — two hours this time — in what had


Voices on Equality

Veronica Lafky Equality was an idea so ingrained in the way I was raised that I didn’t question it until


Healing in Community

Trigger Warning: This entire issue, including this letter, could be triggering to those who have survived trauma, especially sexual violence. 


A Compendium of Voices: Abuse, Assault, Advocacy

TRIGGER WARNING: stories of abuse and assault Teresa Vining: From Abuse to Advocacy  Eleven was the turning point in my


The Fluidity of Identity

My father, in his later stage of dementia, remembers fragments of facts about his life and what defined him. He


A Re-Defining Moment

Reader Response: From an artist, a cancer survivor, and an activist. Art as Healing Art has become a huge source of


Being Inciteful

I now identify myself as a visionary — someone with imagination and foresight, with a capacity for holding love for


Voting Is Non-Negotiable

My parents modeled voting as an obligation as solemn and nonnegotiable as paying taxes and fixing cavities. Sometimes the duty was


Fresh Off the Boat

My little brother and I huddled against Mother’s body, clutching fistfuls of her skirt. That morning we had seen the Statue of


This is My [ Space ]

Not long after I met my husband, a former member of a local rock band, I asked him to teach me


Care. Less. Whispers.

Mama told me I was “tender hearted.” I nursed wounded pets to health and vitality. I cried for sad friends


Hidden in Plain Sight

One of my favorite photos is of my oldest daughter when she was a toddler. She is playing in her