Letters to Editor

In response to December “Changemakers” issue While reading the Womens’ Press, about all the wonders women have done, I kept


Voices From Greater Minnesota

Everyday women respond: “How Do You Engage In Our State?” Andrea Duarte, WorthingtonIn May, I graduated from St. Catherine University


Transformative Thinking

The question was asked: If you could distribute that money to preventative community services — to get ahead of many of the issues that lead to criminal activity, instead of simply to react to it afterward — how would you spend it?


Voices on Transformation

We asked several women to respond to this question: “Why are you involved in transformative justice?”  We also asked several women



Ellie Krug (photo by Sarah Whiting) It took decades of self-denial, and bargaining, and a good amount of self-hatred, before


Planting Seeds

During a recent visit to Washington D.C., my kids and I visited museums that reminded us how humanity can fail


Voices on War & Peace

Commentary of everyday women engaged with our topic of the month: Kavenaugh hearings, Bosnian genocide, WWII memories, the silence of


Fragments of Military Service

I served 12 years active duty in the Air Force and was deployed to Saudi Arabia for Desert Shield and


Pivot Points

Pivot points are what I call those meaningful moments that end up leading to an unexpected trajectory in a person’s


The Cycle of Life

In my mid-30s — poised between the end of a marriage at age 31, and motherhood at age 37 —


Voices on Endings

Gabrielle Strong My mother passed on my 50th birthday, a casualty of breast cancer. She had been planning my birthday


The Feminists of Women’s Press

There are as many versions of feminism as there are women. The messages we receive — in childhood, in school,