Mass action for peace

“Step out of your comfort zone and get involved with issues that affect women. They say in the world now that every woman should be concerned.”

When love ends

You’re getting a divorce: How can you protect yourself? What should you do first?

2009 Changemaker: Marlene Jezierski

‘Beyond the Mirror’ Marlene Jezierski gives away books. On Sept. 26 she gave away nearly 500 copies at a book

2009 Changemaker: Kathleen Murphy

“We’re talking, very simply, about women being equal to men under our constitution.”


“I want to believe that the pebbles tossed are creating bigger and bigger circles,” said Marlene Jezierski, one of the 2009 Minnesota Women’s Press Changemakers

2009 Changemaker: Shá Cage and Teen Summit

Youth event links art, activism, leadership It was girl-powered leadership that revolutionized the annual Teen Summit, said organizer Shá Cage.

2009 Changemaker: Elizabeth Erickson and Patricia Olson, Women’s Art Institute

“That’s what’s feminist about this particular way of teaching. People are engaged in a very rigorous, intellectual, critical thinking mode, and at the same time they are bringing their personal experiences to it and trying to figure out how that impacts their life.”

2009 Changemaker: Bukola Oriola

“There is help out there and all they need to do is to make a phone call to be free from slavery and torture.”

2009 Changemaker: Audrey Thayer and the Native Women Together Sewing Project

“You just don’t do a work of art in a frame of hateful feelings. When you touch the thread, material, there’s a flowing of good feelings, and you pass that on.”

2009 Changemaker: Kristine Holmgren and the Dead Feminists Society

” We are making a difference by opening up conversations about equality, fairness and expectations of how women are treated and how we treat others.”

Shelter from the storm

“It’s safer to have shelters visible. Personally, I believe that because a shelter is a visible part of a community, a battered woman is more likely to know where she can go.”


The 3 Ds: Debate, Discussion, Dialogue

As words swirl around health care, how do we effectively talk to each other, as individuals, as a nation? Fights