A home of her own

Women buyers are changing the face of home ownership

Healing the prisoners

Deanna Germain wrote about her experiences as a nurse at Abu Ghraib in Iraq

Growing great kids

“When my son exhibited feminist attitudes, my mother said he was going to make some lucky woman a wonderful husband. When my daughter stood up for herself, my mother said she’d never find a man who’d put up with her.”

Hip on hemp: Kristin Davis

Kristin Davis is the “hemp queen” using hemp and recycled fabric in her clothing business

The co$t of caring

Beyond stress and emotions, women’s paychecks and pensions can take a hit when they choose to care for elderly parents

Turning blue collars pink

The pay is good, the training relatively short … so why don’t more women choose skilled technical careers?

Birds & Bees

What are Minnesota’s public schools teaching about sex? The answer may surprise you.

S.E.X. talk

Heather Corinna provides accurate information for teens

Secret mothers

Pregnant and unwed pre-Roe v. Wade, many were forced to hide their pregnancies and surrender their babies

Small towns, BIG opportunities

Women-owned businesses are flourishing in Ely and Owatonna

Talk radio

Janet Robert brought progressive talk radio to Minnesota