Leading with her heart

“I wanted women … to have the resources and support to move out of those violent relationships and understand, most importantly, that what is happening to them isn’t a result of what they are doing … that they didn’t bring it on themselves.”

Ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer: Young survivors of an “older women’s disease”

Hmong family memoir

Kao Kalia Yang writes down her story “My impatient heart has been the most difficult thing to contend with as

Into the light

Women, recovery and spirituality “Quitting drinking? That’s easy. So easy that I did it … over and over and over

Coming home

Minnesota female veterans face unique challenges Chante Wolf was in the U.S. Air Force for 12 years, returning to civilian

A mother, a daughter, ‘A legacy to civilization’

Keeping restorative justice in the family Two of the books published by Living Justice Press. There is no hint that

Chingwell’s Mutombu’s global village

“I cannot change the world, but I can start with one person, knowing that it will grow. The ripple effects can be huge.”

Big dreams

Single with kids, student mothers beat the odds


One of the biggest differences between men and women? The way we invest—or don’t invest—our money.

2007 Changemaker: Connie Perpich & Planned Parenthood

Reproductive justice: increasing low-income women’s access to contraception

2007 Changemaker: Nancy Scheibe

Gathering women’s wisdom while paddling the Mississippi

2007 Changemaker: TADA!

Teens Against Dating Abuse spread the message about dating abuse to ‘tween girls