Dairy diva

“I just wasn’t cut out to work with plants. Living, breathing animals are just more my thing.”

Shall we dance?

Kairos Dance Theatre encourages residents in elder-care facilities to share their stories … and dance June Bailey, a resident at

Environmental justice

“It’s all about access. Buying LED light bulbs and buying organic, locally grown produce is an important first step. But how can we give everyone access to these solutions?”

Natural legacies

“I’m fascinated with people and why they do what they do.”

Feminists in the Kitchen

How fascinating that the third wave of feminists, the women of Generation X and the Riot Grrrl movements of the 1990s, never met a womanly art they didn’t like.

Mercado mentality

“The market is an attractive environment for women business owners because it’.” neighborly, friendly and offers a chance at consensus style decision-making.”

Warm welcome

“I wanted to provide time and space to give women a chance to be free to let their faith grow into lots of different things

Grrrls who rock

“I’m not very good at writing songs on my own, but my ideas always come faster when we all share input.”

Feminist lens on adoption

“Adoption is defined by American ethnocentrism. What ‘we’ do is right. We have the solution for everything. We can take better care of these children than you can.”

Maryam’s mission

“Absolutely I’m a feminist. I am not a man-hater. That’s not the point. It’s the equality, allowing people to be all that they are.”

2008 Changemaker: Margaret Anderson Kelliher

“We [women] tend to look at prevention as one of the most important lenses to see policy through.”

Suzanne Koepplinger

“We can’t move forward until we have more than anecdotal information. We’ve got to have the data.”