One Caregiver’s Perspective

A cold blustery day last December was reminiscent of a joyous wedding day 60 years ago. Yet now our 60th anniversary


Seeking Diversity in Environmental Activism

Ecosystem content is made possible by Organic Lawns by LUNSETH Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring” book in 1962 ushered in wider discussion


Overview: Affordable Housing

In the tapestry of a society, critical threads are that every member has a place to call home, access to sufficient food,


There Is No Me in Activism

Over the past year (I wonder what’s behind that timing?), I’ve spent a lot of time discussing big issues with groups


A Condition of the Heart

On February 7, 2014, I had a stress test scheduled at a Twin Cities hospital. I’d had a little pain in


The Responsibility of Being Visible

As a middle-aged white lady, I usually need to check my privilege before I get upset that there are too many


Commentary: Sex-Based Offenses

Terms and definitions of gender-based abusive behavior


Making the Invisible Visible: Sex Trafficking Victims

Karen*, at 14, had made her suburban Minnesota high school’s dance line when a man reached out with a Facebook Instant Message,


Making the Invisible Visible: Immigrant Laborers

Veronica Mendez Moore, a child of immigrants from Peru, fights for the rights of workers as co-director of Centro de


Reader Response: Visibility

Every. Single. Day. As a native Minnesotan and Black woman, there are few opportunities to be in spaces where I


Sexual Harassment at the Capitol

About 18 years ago, Pat Helmberger was forced out of the workplace she loved: the Minnesota State Capitol, where she’d worked


Don’t Age Me Out of Living

I had an interesting experience recently. I went to buy some wine and handed the clerk — a man of