The Audacity to Be Asian in Rural America

Most people I knew in my hometown could not grasp why I cared so much about six Asian women murdered in America.

Restoring (Some of) Turtle Island

According to the TRUTH Project research, the U.S. government paid the Dakota two cents per acre in 1851. Circle News reported the land was then sold for 251 times that amount.

My Second Life on the Water

Guiding fundamentally changed how I view, interact with, and share our rivers and natural spaces with others.


Place of mind

"Ritual, which is just a patterned way of doing something, provides a way to move into a deeper place or process."

Radical sisters

They belong to one of the world's most patriarchial organizations, but when it comes to their own leadership, the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet do things differently.

Is there a stained-glass ceiling?

"A woman has to be head and shoulders above the males to be considered as a leader-and even then, there are reservations."

Dark night of the soul

Linda MacRunnels faced more than her own mortality when she fought breast cancer

Voices from the shadows

Mona Smith uses the spirit of ancient American Indian storytelling to tell “video poems”

Mothers of the church

United Methodists celebrate 50 years of women clergy

The body electric

At Suzanne River’s school, students come to know their bodies from the inside out

Conversations about faith

“Speaking of Faith” host Krista Tippett on women and the nature of faith in today’s political climate

Journey of the spirit

Local visionary seeks dignity for Native Americans in life and death