The Audacity to Be Asian in Rural America

Most people I knew in my hometown could not grasp why I cared so much about six Asian women murdered in America.

Restoring (Some of) Turtle Island

According to the TRUTH Project research, the U.S. government paid the Dakota two cents per acre in 1851. Circle News reported the land was then sold for 251 times that amount.

My Second Life on the Water

Guiding fundamentally changed how I view, interact with, and share our rivers and natural spaces with others.


Betsy Damon: Defender of Water

"Everyone is still embedded in the false idea that they will always have access to lots of water."

Gayla Marty: Suggested Environmental Books

Last in our series of "Where Are They Now?" vignettes about environmentalists in Minnesota

Storying the Mississippi

Ramona Kitto Stately is one of the women celebrated in the Women…

Healing Trauma: Minnesota Black Land Trust

Why the land? Because Mother Earth can hold it.

Expanding Conversation: Mother Tree (part 1)

Book discussion guide: “Finding the Mother Tree," by Suzanne Simard

Talking Continuum Connection with Jane Barrash

The current exhibit has new material from 40 additional years of research. There are new themes, such as addiction, mental health, animal intelligence, and plant intelligence.

Community Healing Related to Police Violence

There are several community healing spaces available this week

Re-Imagining the Role of Women in Religion

“We need to demonstrate that it’s not an oxymoron to be a Christian feminist,” said one of the conference organizers.

Reflecting on Now

I feel there is no way of healing from this without the support and collaboration of others.
Kyoko Katayama and Princess Titus

Urgency and Timelessness

For a year, I have contemplated and practiced living in…

The Art of Finance

The women ahead of me who lead the way as artists are barely getting by. But they would never let you know that they were barely existing.

The Women of Seminary

(Photo Miriam Phields) I might be the first Buddhist program…